Review of Stone Unhinged by Renee Harless

Stone Unhinged
The Stone Series Book Two
By:  Renee Harless

Adult Contemporary Erotic Romance
This book was given to me for an honest review
As in book one, the heroine and hero are Mallory
Winston and Alex Stone.  Mallory is recovering from what
happened in Stone Shattered and Alex comes back into the
While Mallory is dealing with events of the past she is
offered a new position, to head up a new office in England. 
She of course takes the job, because she would be a fool not to. 
That brings Alex back into her life, but all is not sunny and
roses.  They have a lot to get through in order to have their
happily ever after.  Mallory is not the same person she was
before the events in book one occurred and she has a lot of
healing to do.  They do work things out and decide to start
over.  While they are trying to work on their relationship,
Mallory picks up a stalker.  A continuation from the first or
perhaps a new one?  I’ll never tell, but it wasn’t who I thought
it was.  I will tell you, we find out Alex’s secret and they do get
their happily, but whether it’s “ever after” or “for now”
remains to be seen.  The book ends on yet another cliffhanger.
I liked this book even more than the first installment. 
When reading this book, it seemed, to me at least, that the
author has gained confidence and grown as a story teller.  The
story transitions seamlessly and as a reader you are quickly
pulled into the story.  Even, my “first-person phobic self”
didn’t notice the “I, I, I” half the time, kudos on that one Ms.
Harless.  Yes, of course, I awarded bonus points for that. 
Mallory, although suffering some serious PTSD, is still
strong, sweet, and adventurous.  She stands up for herself more
in this story than the last and kicks serious ass. 
Alex is back and more likable.  Don’t get me wrong, he
still has that hair-trigger temper and opens his mouth and says
stupid stuff, but he is also more kind, loving, and humble. 
That’s right ladies and gents, I said the “h” word.  Giving up
the love of your life will do that to a man. 
The list of secondary characters grows in Unhinged,
however, they do not take anything away from the story or the
main hero and heroine.  They move effortlessly in and out of
the story and add depth and conflict. 
Oh, and last but certainly not least, the sex scenes are as
hot and steamy as ever with more BDSM.  There is an actual
dungeon-like playroom. That’s right, a playroom, complete
with spanking bench, St. Andrews Cross, and a special little
chair with stirrups.  You know what I’m talking about ladies. 
All I can say is, stirrups work nicely in a dungeon and Ms.
Winston had a ton more fun than any of us ever had when our
feet were in those things.

4.5 stars!  Virtual high five and fist bump Ms. Harless
for the love, violence, cliffhanger, and for devising a way to
make “putting your feet in New York and California” not such
a bad thing after all.
Anna J.

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