Review of Valkyrie of Planet Fury by Lynne Murray

Valkyrie on Planet Fury
Lynne Murray

When we last saw Val-Sybilla at the end of Gravitas: Valkyrie in the Forbidden Zone, she
had found her lost husband, Josu and they had barely escaped with their lives from the forbidden
zone, planet Earth; an escape facilitated by a mysterious and not completely trustworthy
individual called “Feeney” who had used a mutual aid agreement he held with the Furies and the
Sirens to ensure their escape from Earth.
Now, the Furies want payment for the lives of Sybil and Josu, and collecting from Feeney
won’t satisfy them.  Immediately upon returning to Planet Valkyrie, Senior Clan Mother Val-
Isvenlena dispatches Val-Sybilla and Josu to Planet Fury to placate the Furies.  Fury is a planet
ruled by women as is Valkyrie, but it is bathed in Wroth, a warlike anger pheromone with effects
directly opposite the Valkyrie’s abundant sensual sex pheromone, Gravitas.  Wroth has ensured a
social system on Fury ruled by assassination and minor issues such as personal disagreements
and political successions are decided by fights to the death.  Val-Isvenlena secretly hopes the
Furies will kill Val-Sybilla and Josu ridding her of a sticky social problem.  However, the Furies
need a communication method that can’t be intercepted and they are hoping that Val-Sybilla will
be able to find a Furious equivalent to the Valkyrian mental demons used to extract information
from the There/Not there.  Thus the stage is set, for Sybil and Josu, in fear of their lives, to do the
bidding of the Furies in payment for their escape from Earth, while Val-Isvenlena plots to rid
herself of Val-Sybilla and Josu and award Sybil’s estate to her whining sister Cariya.
Valkyrie on Planet Fury is narrated by Sybil in the first person.  Based upon Greek and
Norse mythological archetypes, the story calls upon characters who are menacing in both violent
and not violent ways.  It contrasts a social system, based on deviousness and social custom
(Valkyrie) with the social system on Fury, based on mortal combat.  Heroes arise throughout the
story; Hesiod risks his life and his military career by taking independent action to save Sybil and
Josu from a plot in which they are suspected of murdering Megaera, one of the three Furies. 
Ellya, Pandora and Cassiopia unexpectedly arise as heroes when the weakest among the citizen’s
of Fury prove to possess the communications secret the Furies crave.  Finally, thanks to Sybil’s
negotiating skills, a confrontation spurred by Gravitas with Medusa results in an unexpected
resolution that once again spares their lives.
Valkyrie on Planet Fury proved to be entertaining and well worth reading for anyone with
an interest in science fiction, fantasy, human relations or even just an interest in a good
entertaining story.  Yes, it’s a little far out for some readers, but in the end the real story is about
men and women, their needs and goals, and what methods they are willing to use to obtain them. 
Beyond that, it’s about sex…what’s not to like?

 5-Stars  Clabe Polk

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