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Crystal Falls a soap opera that at one time was popular, everyone watched it. Now its down in ratings and director, Rob De Heer comes up with a plan to make it number one again. Thinking real life stories maybe the answer, Rob holds a contest, they submit their stories, the winner wins not only a character shaped after them BUT, also, two hundred grand! This contest cost Rob's life and was found murdered on the TV set.

Jeremy was Rob's assistant. Rob was not an easy man to work for but a job is a job! Once Rob's contest rolled out many stories started to fly in ! It was Jeremy's job to narrow them down to four finalist. The four finalist was moved into a beautiful mansion to shoot what they believe to be a reality show and to wait till the winner was revealed. All four had different stories, but there was something about one of the stories that had Rob wanting to check further into it. Unfortunately Rob was killed before Jeremy could learn who and what. Jeremy's job now is to find out which of the four killed Rob and why ??

MEET THE FOUR . . . .  Corinne Prichett is a 24 year old that is looking for a way out of poverty. Being poor all her life is all she has known, this is her chance to start over. Michael Palmer is 45 and accused of killing his wife, when the case was dismissed, he never had a chance to proclaim his innocence. This is his chance to let everyone know his story and that he did not kill his wife. Trish Grady, was a house wife and mother of 2, who discovered her husband cheating. When following him one day, he was involved in a hit and run. Now he is in jail and Trish is trying to manage with 2 kids. Crystal Falls is one of her favorite shows, she tells her story in hopes of starting over. Stephen's wife, Irene dies of cancer, Crystal Falls is also one of her favorite shows. Stephen feels he needs to win this for his late wife Irene. His story is a sad one, he is not in it for the money, just for Irene.

Which story is true ?? Did one of the four kill Rob?? WHY ?? This is a great who do it ! I was hooked from the first page. It will keep you guessing clear up till the last page. The characters are easy to understand and relate to. With no language and sexual content to read made this an even better read ! ! !

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