Review of Dark Lycan by Christine Feehan

Dark Lycan

Product DetailsFenris Dalka or Fen, has been fighting vampires for a long time. So long that he no longer communicates with the Carpathian people (his people). While fighting a Vampire who was also a werewolf, he finds an evil that is terrifying, hard to kill and actually takes on the help of another fighter. The fighter who becomes a friend is a Lycan. Another supernatural living along with the Carpathians. But were the Carpathians have pulled away from the human world, the Lycans have embraced it. Mingling in there society and pretending to be humans, learning new ways to fight, new technology but always protecting there own. As these 2 fighters fight the enemy, wounds are inflicted, many over the years. Blood shared changes the 2 into something different, something close to the monster they fight. With these changes they are able to fight the new threat and eventually kill it but in the process the Lycans find out what his friend has become and is violently put to death, out of fear. So Fen hides as a Lycan, and hides during the full moon, because only at this time, can anyone truly know what he truly is. Now hunting rogue werewolves, with the Lycans, he sees signs that his enemy, a cross between vampire and werewolf  may be back.

Tatijana a Dragonseeker, has suffered at the hands of her father and had to watch atrocities. Year after year her and her twin sister had to watch there father torture, kill and experiment on all species for his quest for power and longevity. But they also learned all of his tricks and magic and waited for the time when they could be freed or rescued. After being rescued, they were both very weak and have been sleeping and healing in mother earth. But now Tatijana, wants to see the outside world. She wants to be independent and free. So she sneaks out in secret. She knows the prince bring males to both women, hoping one or both will find a life mate among the Carpathian. But after hundreds of years of torture, she doesn't know if she will ever be well enough to take a life mate.

I have been a avid Christine Feehan fan for a long time. I was introduced to them by a friend and have kept up with the series. Pre-ordering a year in advance just to make sure I will not miss out on the books. This book was by far, one of if not my favorite of the entire series. The action starts early and does not stop. Fen is a man of worth. Even though he is old and has darkness in him, you fall for him quick. I loved, the fact I got to revisit with characters I have not read about in years. Seeing what is happening in their world was like visiting old friends. I would get so excited when we learn what was going on with characters from the beginning of the series. Christine Feehan has proven herself as a master story teller. Creating a world of wonder, love and a world that I personally love visiting. Knowing who the next 2 books are about just excites me even more. I am so excited to read the next instalment in the series. Skylar's story is one I have wanted to read for years. The expert at the end was a awesome teaser(mean but awesome)!!  Can't wait for my next visit with the Carpathian people and yes, it has been pre-ordered for a while now!

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