Review of Jungle Freakn Bride By Eve Langlais

Jungle Freakin' Bride

Carlie is part of a research team. they are doing their research in the middle of the jungle. So when she wakes up to find a jaguar in her face and in her tent, she knows she is in trouble. Acat & Chaob are jaguars shifters. Part of the legendary Moon Ghost Tribe and best friends, they are also cursed. In the tribes past, a women was killed in a fight between 2 men. So the gods had decided that 2 men would be to every women and they would bare only sons. So to get there brides, they had to go outside the tribe. The men were to leave a huge dowery of gold/jewels/riches to the family and steal their bride. Then they were to take her to the village and prove they were worthy to have a wife and then prove to her that they were her mates. So threesomes are the norm in their tribe. Along with tradition. So when Acat's father tells him the gods have spoken and his bride is out there, he and his best friend must go find their bride and steal her and then prove themselves worthy. Carlie, blond hair and tall, wakes with a fright and has no idea shifters exist. She is about to enter a world that could give her the best pleasure imaginable, being cherished by two men or will she run for home and to what she knows as normal. Can these 2 men, give her everything she needs and desires to keep her.

I LOVE these books. Carlie is in for a whirl win romance. She has 2 men who want nothing else than to make her happy. They get more than what they bargained for with Carlie though. She is a modern women with modern desires and needs. They win her body but but will they win her heart? The characters are very well done and you feel the conflict in the men. They want to give her everything she needs but they are also fighting tradition and the way of their tribe. Carlie is just thrown into a world she had no idea existed and of not giving a choice in the matter. Her old life is really taken from her and I believe the men have a lot of making up to do. The sex scenes are hot and Carlie gets some really hot make up sex but will it be enough?

GREAT MUST READ, if you like the series. It is a stand alone book but if you read the series you will love this book.

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