Review Death's Storm BY: Lia Davis

Death's Storm

The witch community, ran by the magic Divinities, who are fighting the demons bent on destroying, all they cherish are under attack. The Divinities all have there own special powers and gifts. In book one Khloe's twin had found her magical mate. Khloe is a head strong witch that tends to do what she wants and very impulsive. Even so, she is brilliant with computers and very strong as a witch. Which is a great asset to the Divinities as a whole. Jagger works and was raised by the goddess Hecate. He is a half demon himself and is more like a demi god, so very powerful. When they meet sparks fly. Khloe doesn't want to trust him due to his demon side. Jagger knows she is something special. His domineering ways don't settle to well with Khloe's strong personality but she is having a hard time resisting Jagger's drop dead sexy looks and knows they both are working toward a common goal...stop the demons. The demons, having a couple witches in custody and have found new ways to torture and try to get information out of them. And when they kidnapped some kids that where under the witches protection, all bets are off. Can Jagger and Khloe come together and work as a team to help save the kids and the witches they thought were lost them?

Death's Storm was  fast paced and action packed. Lots of action and some suspense. I enjoy the story line of the divinities and there demon enemies. The heat between the 2 main characters is scorching. You feel the tension from there first glance. You know if Khloe gives in just a little, she will be lost to Jagger. Jagger wants to be in charge but he must learn if he wants Khloe he needs to trust she knows what she is doing. If you enjoyed book 1 you will LOVE book 2. Lia amped it up even higher for book 2. You don't have to read book one but you will understand everything better if you do. Adult content so 18 and up.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review. It has been a pleasure being your guest this week.

  2. Great review! I have read some of both Lia and Eve's books! I truly enjoy both of these authors! I have read Death's Storm and thought it was an excellent book! As for why I read shifter books, I love the fact that most of the males are alpha males...what not to love about an Alpha male:) but also the fact that the woen are strong as well! Plus the fact that they have supernatural powers is interesting and fun!

  3. Awww Lia I feel ashamed that I have not read this one yet (shame) lol.... I loved Forgotten Visions and I know that I will love Deaths Storm or any other books you write!
    Happy reading and writing*


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