Review of Alaskan Fire (Guardians of the First Realm) by Sara King

Alaskan Fire

Blaze's Parents are now dead and she finds out things that she never knew,  Like that she was adopted!  Not in the usual way but found as a baby in ashes.  Her parents leave her a Feather that she has no clue as to what and why. Money also was left to her.
She decides to follow her dream and open a Lodge in the Alaskan Wilderness. That will not be as easy as she thinks. Jack has claimed this bit of Wilderness as his own and he doesn't need a freakishly tall woman who won't take the hints and just leave. Jack is hiding  many things from Blaze.  When Jacks past brings in the local Werewolves for retaliation Jack must tell Blaze about himself.  As well as help her come to terms with who she really is.

I Love Paranormal.  I have never read this Author.  I am so glad I did. The whole premise of this book was so far out there,  yet the way Ms. King wrote the storyline made it so believable and wonderful. I love different takes on the usual paranormal. This book really hit that mark and worked! This storyline draws the reader right in. You will love every minute of it. I want to go live in the Alaskan Wildernesses,  maybe I will find my soul mate I wonder what he will be.  But then again there are so many bad Others.  I mean this is their home and they will protect it.   So many have lived here far longer then many will ever know. You learn so much about the Others and want Sara king to write about them.  I look forward to more Books in this Series.  I can see this book as a Movie and what a hit it would be!

5 Stars

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  1. I read the preview of Alaska Fire I loved it. I like reading paranormal books like this one. Thank you for the preview. I can't wait to read it.

  2. I forgot to put my name down.
    Byerc Smith 1-31-13 @ 8:41am

  3. Oh wow, what a great review!!! Thank you, Patches! :D

  4. Havent read any of these.. but putting on my TBR list asap :)

  5. Adding to my TBR pile :)

    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

  6. Havent read any of these yet, but putting on my TBR list ASAP!!! :)

  7. Great review! Awesome book!!! Can't wait for the next installment of Blaze and Jack, keep begging but I know she is busy with some of the other books right now. lol


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