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Lets welcome Eve Langlais to Julie's Book Review. Eve is giving away an ebook copy of her latest release, Jungle Freakn' Bride, so don't forget to check out the rafflecopter to the right of the pg.

Welcome to Julies Book Review. Can you tell me a little about yourself? I am a boring housewife living in the Ottawa area trying to juggle 3 kids, a hubby and my job. Totally dull. But, if you ignore my real life and take a peek inside my brain, now that is a whole other story. Hidden beneath my mundane exterior are tons of stories waiting to be written, most of them involving wolves or aliens :)

What kind of books do you write? Newest release? I like to write stories that push the boundaries of what we think of as real; hot alpha men that change into animals, hunky purple skinned aliens who kidnap human women, clueless males who are part machine, you know, cool stuff lol.  I love the paranormal and science fiction, mix in some romance and I'm in heaven. For an example, check out my latest release, Jungle Freakn' Bride which features a pair of men who can shapeshift into jaguars.

I know you write shifter type books, what can readers expect? How HOT? MF,MFM, MM,FF? Action? Adventure? I write either MF or MFM romances. I'm all about a woman's pleasure when it comes to writing lol. Selfish, I know, but what can I say, I write what I like and I love it when the focus is all on her. I'm open door for sure, but not hard core. I prefer to build up to the romantic/sexy parts.

My personal favorites are the FUC series and the Freakn' series, are going to get lots more from these series? The Freakn' series is now up to 5 books -- which is about 4 more than I ever expected to write in that series. But I fell in love with the characters and the family dynamics in the first book, Delicate Freakn' Flower. I expect we'll see more Freakn' Shifters books but probably not until at least late 2013 at this point. My FUC series at 3 books is also not quite done. I see at least one more book there, more if the right idea hits. I have such a good time with the meld of animal and humor in those tales, I don't know if I'll ever be able to completely say that series is done. Not when there's so many possibilities!

Do you write more than just Paranormal romance? What and what can we expect from your other stories? I really enjoy Science Fiction romance as well. Cyborgs and aliens are hot, in my mind at least lol. I just finished up Mercenary Abduction, book 4 in my Alien Abduction series and I am already thinking about my next SFR project involving cyborgs. Gotta love those clueless machines as they try to handle their emerging human emotions.

How do you get ideas for your books? I honestly don't know. Things just kind of come to me and I write.

Anything in your stories based on real experiences? Um, no. Hubby is 100% human. But I love him anyway. And no, we don't have a wildly kinky sex life (to his chagrin lol).

Toughest criticism? Best compliment? Toughest criticism, is probably length. Even when I write full length novels, people clamor for more. But at the same time it's a compliment because it means my stories suck people in enough that the time flies and before they know it they're done.

Any advice for aspiring authors? Focus less on numbers and marketing and more on getting the next story written and written well. Don't shirk things like editing and telling the story in full.

How about some fun stuff

Dogs or cats?
Cats unless the dog is really teeny tiny.

Chocolate or Sex?  Um, chips (with dip).

1 Fav book? why? Damn. That's hard, but given my recent splurge I'd have to say Illona Andrews Kate Daniels series. I just love Curan.
          I love that series too....Curan is hot!!

Favorite place to travel? None yet. I'm going to take my first real trip in 2013. And I'm terrified lol.

1 fav author? Why? Laurann Dohner because I know I'll get a good story with awesome heat.

Are you a a full time writer? If no what else do you do? If yes is there anything else you would like to do? I write full time, but also still do web programming for my boss of 16 years. What can I say, I like to multi task lol.

Where can we find you and your books?and are there any social media sites we can find you on? Find me at www.EveLanglais.com My website provides links to all the online stores with my books. You can also read excerpts, check out my hot covers and much more. I'm also on Facebook for those who'd like to follow me.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this interview. I wish you and yours a Merry Freakn' Christmas and an awesome New Year!!!

Thank you for coming on Julie's Book Review. I wish you lots of success and hope you and your families all have a Happy Holiday.
Have a wonderful year!
Julie Ramsey


  1. I love Eve's books! She was the author that introduced me to shifters! lol

  2. I've read most of Eve's books and I loved them all. I like a mix of contemporary, sci-fi and paranormal. It means I never get bored.

    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

  3. I am new to this genre. Ive some books in this genre lately and I really like them.
    I have never read any of Eve books,but they look really good to read.

  4. I can't wait to read this book! I have fallen in love with this series:)


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