Excerpt from Th Hollow Curse by Stephen B Pearl


Except from The Hollow Curse

Here Bailey, a maverick physician newly come from the east and Ada an emancipated slave living in the Colorado territories of 1874, Come together for the first time. Bailey in keeping with the curse that has hounded the soul mates for centuries is twice Ada’s age.
            Bailey is: A handsome man with gray-streaked, sandy-coloured hair, a broad-shouldered, muscular build and pale blue eyes.
            Ada is: A shapely woman with skin the color of milk chocolate and a muscular, large-busted body. Her face is lovely with high cheekbones and full lips.

            “You haven’t washed your hands.” Bailey picked up a bar of soap from beside the sink.
            “Course I did, you watched me.” Ada could smell him, it was like baking bread and wood-smoke and all the good things about home rolled into one.
            “You haven’t washed them properly. Let me show you.” Bailey worked the pump spilling water over her hands then began to lather them with the soap. His firm, strong hands glided over her flesh as he stood behind her reaching around to caress her fingers, to stroke her forearms. Ada felt her breathing quicken and her pulse race.
            Bailey let his hands slide over her skin, she was so close. Her neck was practically in his face. A bead of sweat crept along her perfect, milk chocolate skin. He could stand it no more! Without thinking he kissed her neck then licked away the sweat. She spun in his arms, but before he could apologize her lips met his. He felt her soapy fingers caress his cheek. He pulled her to him, crushing their bodies together, loving the feeling of her large, firm breasts pressed into his chest.
            His hands crept down her back and cupped her buttocks, squeezing the firm mounds of flesh. Her tongue pushed into his mouth tasting the sweetness that it held. For long minutes they stood like that, hands exploring each other’s bodies then Bailey pulled away. “Ada, I...”
            She put a finger over his lips. “I reckon there has to be a first time sometime. I want mine to be with you. I... I think.”
            Bailey cupped her cheek. “I know, I believe in love at first sight. I love you, Ada. But I’m an old man. In twenty years--.”
            Ada silenced him with a kiss. “I don’t care now, and I won’t care then.”
            Bailey kissed her then pulled away and smiled. “I think we should wash the soap off first then go to my bedroom.”
            Ada smiled and turning grabbed the pump handle. As she rinsed the soap away she enjoyed the feel of Bailey’s hands exploring her body from behind and the rain of soft kisses over her shoulders and neck. Then it was Bailey’s turn to rinse and her turn to play. Feeling him ridged and long through his pants fascinated and worried her. She wasn’t sure where she was going to put it all, but she was going to enjoy figuring it out.
            Bailey turned and kissed her letting his wet hands run over the work dress she wore. His kisses strayed down her neck and he tasted her skin.
            “Ada, this is mad. I’m old enough to be your father. And your parents--.” He finally said.
            Ada kissed him and their tongues dueled. “Don’t talk so much. Make love to me. I want you to.”
            Bailey kissed her again then releasing her took her hand and guided her to the stair that led to the sleeping loft.
            “I-- Ahhh.” Bailey’s words were lost in a moan as Ada pressed her palm against the front of his trousers and squeezed. He kissed her then followed her up the stairs appreciating the rounded curve of her buttock as they moved.
            Toping the steps they both stopped and stared at each other in the half-light that leaked through the shutters’ slats.
            “I never before.” Ada blushed shy with the reality of what they planned.
            “You don’t have to.” Bailey was torn, part of him longed to take her, to hold her, and the future be damned. The other part saw how young she was, barely twenty, admittedly old for a single woman on the frontier, but young by eastern standards. He didn’t want to hurt her.
            “I want to, but... teach me?” Ada moved so they were almost touching.
            Bailey looked into her large, brown eyes so warm and soft. The duskiness of her skin was exotic and added to his sense of arousal, but mostly this was Ada. This girl who he’d known for mere days stirred such emotions in him. He knew of the followers of Buddha who believed the soul skipped from life to life and wondered if this girl might be the same spirit that had once stirred his heart. Finally what tipped the scales was a simple, animal impulse. He was male, she was female and nothing else mattered.
            His lips met hers in a kiss both gentle and insistent as his fingers fumbled loose the buttons on her dress. His kisses strayed from her lips and down her throat then pulling the loosened dress to the side he exposed the new territory of her rounded, muscular shoulders. She tasted of salt and spices. He kissed back to her ear and nibbled it.
            “Oh God! Bailey, I need you!” Ada’s hands traced patterns over her man’s back then she ran her fingers through his hair.
            Bailey pulled away and began lifting the dress off her shoulders.
            “No. I...” Ada blushed. “I’ll do it. I ain’t never seen a man before in the all together. Will you show me?” She stared at the floor in a sexy, shy way that made Bailey’s blood boil.
            Bailey stepped back unbuttoning his shirt.
            Ada watched then quickly lifted her dress off over her head, her undergarments followed and she stood naked before her man. Her skin was nearly flawless and a life of hard work had left her toned with just a subtle womanly rounding at the hips. Her large breasts were firm and topped with nickel-sized nipples surrounded by large areola.
            Bailey paused in unbuttoning his pants to stare at her, appreciating the long lean expanse of leg and well-toned body. “You’re magnificent. So beautiful.”
            Ada’s blush tinted her cheeks and she motioned for him to continue stripping. She watched the broad, solid expanse of his chest with its light dusting of hair. He turned his back before dropping his trousers, and the solid line of his shoulders came into view. She licked her lips as her mouth went dry. Her pulse pounded in her ears and it was all she could do to keep from rushing up and grabbing him. He straightened and turned. His manhood was erect as long as her two hands stacked and as thick as a duck’s egg. Her eyes swept over him, and he was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. He took a step towards her and she fell into his arms. They kissed and this time his fingers traced over her naked flesh leaving trails of fire that burnt into the core of her.
            “Ada, my Ada,” he whispered as he brought her to the cot-like bed. His kisses strayed over her shoulders then down to her breasts and he suckled her. A moan escaped her lips as she crushed his face into her chest. She imagined nothing could be better than this until his fingers found her womanhood. He traced her length. She felt moisture seep down her leg then, throwing her head back, she fell onto his bed. She knew enough to know that he would thrust into her, and she longed for it, but he didn’t. Instead he kissed her ankle then slowly kissed and licked his way up her long, shapely leg until his pale face looked up at her from the V of her dark thighs. He kissed her sex, sending a tremor of bliss through her then he licked the length of her. She clutched his head to her as her mind exploded with sensation. It may have been hours, it may have been seconds, but after a time she lay still on the bed. Bailey kissed his way over her flat abdomen and their lips met.
            “Thus far we have done nothing that means you’re not a virgin. I must, as a gentleman, ask. Do you wish to continue?” Bailey gazed into her eyes.
            Ada looked up at the handsome face above her, at his graying tousled hair and strong features. There could be only one answer. “Yes, make me a woman.”
            Bailey kissed her and positioned himself. “This may hurt, my sweet Ada. It cannot be helped.” He eased into her.
            Ada felt him press against her most intimate passage. It resisted then gave way. There was a sharp pain. Bailey paused letting her adjust, then eased gently back and forth until he rested fully within her, holding her. He kissed her face, her eyelids, her lips. The pain eased and a strange warmth began to build. It was like they became one. He moved within her and it hurt a little, but she wouldn’t have moved for the world. She held him length-to-length, flesh-to-flesh. His chest hairs brushed her nipples sending lightning bolts of pleasure to her brain. She’d never felt so close to anyone, felt so cherished.
            Bailey’s rhythm slowly increased, and he stared into her sweet, young face. She was beauty and perfection. She was everything.
            Ada looked to the wall where a mirror hung and saw herself entwined with her lover. His pale skin contrasted with her darker complexion, making both seem richer, more complete, right. She remembered her dream and smiled. There would be plenty of time for her to sit astride him later. This time, her first time, she relished the warmth of her man covering her. She kissed him and her passion built. Heat welled up from her sex and her breathing became rapid. Again the world disappeared into a glory of sensation. She recovered just in time to see her man’s face contort and listen as a moan escaped his lips. He collapsed on top of her and they kissed once again. Slowly he softened within her. When her body expelled his manhood he moved so they both lay on the small bed and kissed her.
            “Ada, I love you.”
            Ada’s heart thrilled. Her mother had warned her that men would say anything to get a woman’s virtue, but Bailey already had that prize, and there was no reason for him to lie. “I think I love you too.”
            They kissed then lay in each other’s arms until a pounding at the door disturbed them.


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