Character inteveiw with Lia Davis Jan 21

                                    Interview with Nevan and Dani from Winter Eve

Hi! Lia here. I’m so happy to be here this week sharing my two latest books and the characters with you. Today I’m interviewing Nevan and Dani. 

Lia: Hi guys! Thanks so much for coming alone today.

Dani: Hi, Lia. We’re happy to be here.
Nevan: Thank you for inviting us.

Lia: My first question is for Nevan. You’re not new to the world of shapeshifters, are you?

Nevan: *chuckles* No. My father married my stepmother when I was two. She and my four stepbrothers are mountain lion shifters. Because I was so young when they married, I thought the human children were the strange ones when my parents put me in pre-K at the age of four.

Lia: Oh, boy.

Nevan: Yep. Sarah had pulled me out of school when the other kids started teasing me about being a freak. She homeschooled me up till I entered high school.
Dani: *links her fingers with his* I wish I knew him then. I bet he was cute.
Nevan: *raises an eyebrow at his mate* And I’m not cute now?
Dani: Nope. *she leans in and whispers something in his ear*

*Nevan cups Dani’s face in his hands and kisses her, hard*

Lia: *I clear my throat to remind them that they are not alone* Can we get back to the interview?
*The couple breaks the kiss and cast innocent looks my way. Laughing I move on the next question* So, Dani. What made you help Nevan the night you met?

Dani: Besides the fact that I caused him to crash his rental into the rock wall? It was an accident. The car light frightened me. I was in leopard form, and the cat was in complete control until the car crashed. When he stepped out of the car…well, I just had to know more about him.

Lia: Are you still living in the cabin, or has Keegan convinced you to move back in town?

Dani: We’re moving, but staying there until our house is built. 
Nevan: *Tucks a strand of hair behind her ear* It’s won’t be long now. The cabin will be used as an outpost for the Enforcers.

Lia: I bet Keegan is happy.

Dani: *laughs* Yeah. He never liked the fact that the cabin didn’t have a phone, but he allowed me to my space. Besides he checked in on me regularly and there was an Enforcer always lurking around the place. *she rolls her eyes*

Lia: *I stifle a giggle* So, um…How’s Jared doing?

Dani: *sighs* I knew you were going to ask. He says he’s okay. Physically he’s healed thanks to Sonia aiding me.
Nevan: *rubs circles on her back* We’re worried about how he’s doing emotionally. I sense anger in him that wasn’t there before the attack.

Lia: Anger is normal to have after something like that.

Dani: Not with Jared. He had always been in complete control of his emotions, freakishly so. I try to get him to talk to someone. I don’t expect him to talk to Nev, but at least he can talk to Keegan or Luna, or even his sister, Cameron.

Lia: I hope he does something soon. Dani, you mentioned Sonia helping you heal Jared. Is your healing magick working again.

Dani: *cheeks flush* Well, apparently I never really lost my healing ability. I lost faith in it, which made it go dormant, so to speak. Finding and loving Nev had resorted my confidence in myself and my healing powers. Plus Shay has found the right mix of herbs to help heal my scars and bring back some of the feeling in my hand.

Lia: That is great! Wow, look at the time. Thank you so much for coming by to chat.
And thank you, Julie for having us.

Title: Winter Eve, Ashwood Falls prequel
Author: By Lia Davis Publisher: Fated Desires Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance 

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  1. Fun interview. Haven't read any of the author's books yet. I like shifters because they're alpha.

  2. I love Nevan & Dani, and Winter' Eve was a great introduction to the Ashwood Falls series.
    Why do I love shifters.....Well they're sexy of course, and the males are always the strong Alpha types!
    What's not to love!!


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