Review of Hook By KR Thompson


KR Thompson takes the classic story of Peter Pan and Captain Hook and puts a
unique, creative spin to this well-known story.

In HOOK, Archibald Jameson eagerly leaves his boring print job to head home.
An impending storm causes Archie to alter his usual route as he seeks shelter in a

As a young man named Harper stumbles to read a letter, Archibald has mercy and
whispers the information to him. The next thing he knows, he wakes up on board
the Queen Anne's Revenge. He learns the cunning and crafty pirate, Smee,
drugged his ale, and he is now sailing under the command of the most notorious
pirate, Blackbeard.

Instead of trying to flee the situation he's been placed in, Archie finds himself
embracing this new adventure.

Archie proves himself to be a capable, yet honorable pirate with a taste for
tailored clothing. As the adventures continue, circumstances soon find him as
Captain of Blackbeard's acquired ship, the Jolig Roger. Archie rules with fairness
and integrity.  Although he's a pirate, he's a likeable guy.

As Archie guides the Jolig Roger out into a storm to avoid capture from the
British Navy, he notices the familiar constellations have disappeared.  His pixie
friend, Ms. Bell, helps guide them into an alternate world.

Archie and his crew find themselves in enchanted waters with a magical island.
No matter which course Archie plots, the Jolig Roger manages to return to the
mysterious island, Never Land. 

With their food and supplies dwindled to nothing, Archie finally relents and
anchors so they can hunt. He quickly realizes that his pirates make better
plunderers than hunters.  His recently acquired cargo consists of a group of 
Indians. Archie has grown fond of the beautiful female, Tiger Lily. With no port
in sight, Archie negotiates for the Indians freedom in exchange for them agreeing
to hunt and provide food for the pirates while they're stuck on the island.
Archibald and his pirates encounter the Lost Boys, a lethal mermaid, as well as
Tic-Toc, the croc, and Peter Pan. In this version of  Hook, Peter takes on a darker
side full of malice and evil.

HOOK turns out to be an engaging, five-star story with vivid, interesting
characters.  This version gives an enlightening view of how Captain Hook
emerged, as well as an explanation for the animosity between Peter and Hook.

Rebecca Trust

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