Danica Avet Day 3

                                                         Tough Guys

I’m a sucker for tough guys who have that secret gentle side. If they’re bad, tough guys? Even
better. Why is that? In this day and age, we women should be all about the men who understand
us, who listen to what we want and don’t order us around. But I think many of us secret like that
Alpha male who does things his way because he wants to save us from everything. Isn’t that the
biggest appeal? Some sexy, tough man who sees everything as a threat that’d take us away from

Well, that’s pretty much how Croe’ix Shael is. When I made up this story knowing I would have
four heroes to my one heroine, I wanted my princess, En’Daria Hanu, to have a wide spectrum of
partners. If that makes sense. Croe’ix is the bad boy tough guy. He’s a pit fighter on an outlaw
spaceport, a champion with several total kills and he doesn’t think about anyone but himself.
He’s a selfish guy because he never had anything to call his own.

That starts changing when he meets En’Daria. He finally meets someone who needs him. Needs
his help. Of course he isn’t going to just do it for free. He’s a selfish tough guy after all, so he
makes a deal with the lost princess that entails her giving him her body, whenever, however, he
wants. Doesn’t that just send a shiver down your spine? It does for En’Daria. But what I love
about these tough heroes is that their need to control always leads to their downfalls.

In Croe’s case, taking complete control over En’Daria, guiding her on a sensual journey,
protecting her from her enemies, being the man she needs… Well, it spins him for a loop.
Suddenly he’ll do anything for her, to protect her. It’s for her own good so he’s still doing his
Alpha tough guy thing, but now it’s them against the odds. He isn’t alone anymore, isn’t battling
for nothing. He’s fighting for her, for them.

And that, my friends, is what makes tough guys so appealing. At least I think so. What are your

Imperial Princess En'Daria Hanu has the entire galaxy at her feet. Heir to the Endiki throne, she
spent her entire life preparing to rule, but her future is forever altered when she's kidnapped. Sold
to an auction house, she escapes on her own but soon realizes she'll need help to return home.
Daria's only hope is the Skarskordian fighter Croe'ix Shael, who makes her feel more like a
female and less like a royal.

Banished from his home world and denied the heritage of his blood, Croe has fought all his life
but never really had anything worth fighting for. Then Daria walks into his life and a shift occurs
inside him. She awakens the Skarskordian warrior he's long forgotten and, in exchange for the
pleasure of her body, he will protect her with his life. When danger stalks their every step and he
discovers who Daria really is, Croe knows he's found someone to fight for and he'll do
everything in his power to keep her safe. Everything--even if it means bringing another male into
the equation.

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