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                                                 What I learned as a first-time author
     Writing and publishing my first book Scandalous Endeavors taught me many things. I learned that I cannot write a book in one, two, five, or even six months. More importantly I learned that
sometimes it is necessary to completely rewrite a manuscript. This proved to be the case with Scandalous Endeavors. I originally wrote the story in first person; which it turned out was not a good choice for my story. It is now written in third person. Bonus: I got some great deep third POV from the switch! Ultimately the main lessons in the actual writing of the manuscript proved to be that at some point I have to call it done and send it into the world. Also, I learned that I cannot always make the characters do what I wish them to. Seriously, they have wills all their own and sometimes you just have to listen.

     With my manuscript completed I embarked on the process of getting it contracted. I knew that I wanted to work with a publisher that I trusted. In the end, I sent my completed story to two publishing houses and was elated when I received contract offers from both. I choose to contract Scandalous Endeavors with Three World’s Press and couldn’t be happier with that decision.

     My experience with Three World’s has been nothing short of wonderful. My editor pushed me to make my manuscript even better and helped me a great deal with my blurbs and excerpt. She always answered my questions quickly and was available for chatting when I needed her. My experience with Three World’s Press taught me that finding the right publishing house is essential. I discovered that for me the right house is one where not only my editor is available, but so areother key team members. It is important to me as a new author to have experienced people on my side, and I got that at Three World’s. In short, they have provided me with ongoing five-star service. They also taught me a huge lesson when it came to my cover art and marketing.

     This is something that all authors need to know and learn from. Like all authors, I was excited about my cover art and waited on pins and needles to receive it. I did not have definite ideas in mind but did expect to be wowed when I saw it. At last, the day came, and I hit download on my cover with a Cheshire grin seated on my face. Then when the file opened my grin ran away. The cover was nothing like I had hoped for. Sure it was a good cover, and I could tell that the artist was very talented. In fact, I would have loved it as someone else’s cover. I would even stop to admire it if I saw it in a store. So then why was I so unhappy?

     It was not ‘my’ cover. I did not see my story in it. I had imagined something fancier and had my mind set on a split cover. As a result, I rejected the cover and asked for several changes. I wanted everything from a new model to a new layout and color scheme. Three Worlds humored me and had the cover artist create a new cover. Again I sat all excited as I downloaded, and again my excitement fell flat. I got nearly everything I wanted. Why wasn’t my cover beautiful? Here is the take away from this experience: Trust the professionals!

     You see when I looked at cover two I found myself wanting cover one back but with a small change-yes just one. I asked for a different fancier font. My request was honored, and now I have cover one with my new font and I love it. That Cheshire grin I told you about earlier-it’s back, and I am elated to share my cover and story with the world. For me, the takeaway is to only ask for the things that truly bother you. Cover artists know what they are doing, they know what sells and what wins awards, trust them.

     The best part is that Three World’s and my cover artist took the time to work through my crazy. They were patient with me and explained things to me. Because of them I have grown a great deal and l look forward to completing my next book.

     As a closing note, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my ramblings. It means a lot to me that strangers, family, and friends would take time out of their day to pay attention to my words. I hope that each of you picks up a copy of Scandalous Endeavors and loves it as much as I do.

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