Danica Avet Day 2

                                                            Sexy Sounds

When I write, I listen to music. Hell, I’ll be honest. I listen to music almost non-stop. When I’m
driving, working, writing, sleeping, yes I listen to it at all times. So is it any wonder I need to set
the right mood when I’m writing?
Around mid-2014 I was introduced to a band called +++ or Crosses. It’s the lead singer from the
Deftones and the music is moody and melodic. Perfect for writing a good love scene. Let’s face
it, just like in real life, you just aren’t in the mood. If my dog is at my feet snoring and my cat
crawling all over my desk, I’m not exactly thinking “Sexy times!” I’m annoyed and/or distracted.
If I’m lucky, my characters will take care of business without much help from me, but sometimes
I need to set the mood.
That’s where the music comes in. There are a few songs that stand out to me when I think about
writing a good love scene and each book has a different one, weirdly enough, because I only add
songs to my playlists. No, I’m not one of those authors who have a set playlist for every book. It
would take too much time because there are just too many songs I enjoy.
One of those songs is by Crosses. I swear, when I first heard this song while driving in my car, I
may have gotten a little turned on. Something about the singer crooning the lyrics, the slow, easy
pace… *shivers* It just worked for me and really worked for the first love scene between Croe
and Daria.

Now I don’t normally do this, but here are the lyrics to the song, “Bitches Brew”. I know, the
title is a little off-putting, but trust me, this song really worked for that scene LOL

As the moon ascends
The wolves come out to see the end
They hide from view and wait
To watch the ghost inside you come awake
And when the shots go off, you hear them call
My heart is racing just to see it all
To watch you crawl out of your changing shape
Take all your breath and watch it come awake
From the flames of the fire,
I feel you crawling to my bed
Throwing shapes at the sky,
I watch you crying to me.
With your knees open
I display you, taunt the beast again
’Cause when you move and shake
That thing inside you comes awake
As you dance against the breathing wall
My claws are out, I want to feel it all
Feel it crawl inside you, changing shape
Take out your breath and feel you come awake.
From the flames of the fire,
I feel you crawling to my bed
Throwing shapes at the sky,
I watch you crying to me.
Say something, pray for something
Say something, pray for something
Say something, pray for something
From the flames of the fire,
I feel you crawling to my bed
Throwing shapes at the sky,
I watch you crying to me.
If you want to give the song a listen, this is the Youtube video. What can I say? It just worked



What are some songs that get you in the mood just by hearing the first few lines?


Imperial Princess En'Daria Hanu has the entire galaxy at her feet. Heir to the Endiki throne, she
spent her entire life preparing to rule, but her future is forever altered when she's kidnapped. Sold
to an auction house, she escapes on her own but soon realizes she'll need help to return home.
Daria's only hope is the Skarskordian fighter Croe'ix Shael, who makes her feel more like a
female and less like a royal.
Banished from his home world and denied the heritage of his blood, Croe has fought all his life
but never really had anything worth fighting for. Then Daria walks into his life and a shift occurs
inside him. She awakens the Skarskordian warrior he's long forgotten and, in exchange for the
pleasure of her body, he will protect her with his life. When danger stalks their every step and he
discovers who Daria really is, Croe knows he's found someone to fight for and he'll do
everything in his power to keep her safe. Everything--even if it means bringing another male into
the equation.

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Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Caressed-Starlight-Meeting-Danica-Avet-
ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-caressedbystarlightmeetingcroe-1713814-
B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/caressed-by-starlight-danica-
Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/caressed-by-starlight-meeting-croe

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  1. You are so lucky - being able to use music to inspire you. If I turn on music, any kind, I can't write a word. So envious.


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