Gabriel Boutros Day 3

Gabriel Boutros has lived in Montreal for most of his life, and being a rabid fan of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, could not imagine living anywhere else. He is married and the father of two boys, and practiced criminal law for 24 years. His legal thriller, "The Guilty," is available on Amazon, and he says:
"In writing "The Guilty" I pictured the main character, Robert Bratt, a top-notch criminal lawyer, as someone who is essentially a good person, but whose need to win has led him to forget his inherent honesty, and driven him to do things that he wished he hadn't. This story is about how, after twenty years of doing whatever was needed in the defense of the most hardened criminals, he begins having conflicted feelings about himself and his profession, at the same time he is hired to defend a young gang member accused of a double-murder." 
This book is loosely based on a multiple-murder in Montreal that Gabriel Boutros worked on in the 1990s, and the story takes the reader into the inner workings of a murder trial to reveal what one lawyer must do when he has to defend "The Guilty."
The website topbookreviewers.com has called The Guilty: "An absolute winner of a debut mystery novel." 

His latest novel, Face/Mask, is a dystopian vision of the not so distant future. It is a bleak look at our world, where the environment has decayed, the war on terror rages endlessly and the Canadian government is run by a corrupt, militaristic administration that curtails civil rights. The main character is Allen Janus, husband, father, bureaucrat and backstabber. Despite his privileged position in society, he is unhappy with his life and with the world around him, so he lies to his family and begins living a double-life in order to find some sort of satisfaction. In a moment of petty vindictiveness he betrays a relative to the military police, setting the lives of everyone in his family on a tragic course.

Also available on Kindle is the novella entitled "If I Should Die Before I Wake." It's the story of a mob accountant who goes on the run after ripping off his boss. The accountant is weak and afraid, like a rabbit being hunted by the mob's hit-man, who closes in on him relentlessly. In his dreams, though, it is the accountant who is the fearless hunter, and the hit-man his prey. As near-certain death approaches, the line between his dreams and reality become blurred. This story combines elements of The Twilight Zone with the best of hard-boiled crime fiction.

You can read about all his fiction at: http://storiesbygabrielboutros.weebly.com/

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