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Nickie Asher doesn’t follow the pack. She blazes her own trail, keeping her stories fresh and pushing boundaries. If a story calls for a scene or subplot that others would shy away from, Nickie will write it. She loves a hot romance, but she also loves writing about the darker side. Nickie often combines her passions into a dark tale with scorching romance. Influenced at an early age by Stephen King and Anne Rice, it was inevitable that Nickie found an affinity for writing stories that keep readers up late at night, asking, what will happen next?


The Judgment Series by Nickie Asher is a take no prisoners foray into a world where vampires are an outted race subjugated by the US government. With an agenda of genocide for the vampires he fears and despises, Ryan Banks will stop at nothing to eradicate the vampire population. But the vampires aren’t sitting around waiting to be slaughtered. The Resistance is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to save their race from a government determined to pull off a vampire final solution.

Excerpt from Deadly Judgment, Book 2 of the Judgment Series.
The main entry door on the first floor banged shut then footsteps pounded up the stairs.
The knot in her stomach tightened.
Only a male walked so heavily. Heart thumping, she waited to see if he continued up to the third floor.
He stopped and rapped on her door.
Her stomach clenched.
He knocked again.
She closed the laptop, pushed off the blanket and padded to the door. “Who is it?” Maybe she could get rid of him without opening up.
“My name is Slade.”
Slade? The name was familiar.
“I ah … assisted you a few months ago.”
Oh, Jesus. Now she knew who he was. He’d helped her home after the loss of her baby.
Alyssa flipped the three locks and opened the door. Her mouth fell open. She clapped it shut.
Large and shivering, he towered over her five-seven by a good eight inches. He looked as if he’d been on the losing end of a fight. Blood ran down the side of his finely-chiseled face and matted the hair falling just past his shoulders into clumps, turning the strands from coffee bean-brown to black. More blood stained the t-shirt stretched tight over a well-defined chest. Arms bulging with muscle held a tightly bundled coat.
Intelligent brown eyes met her stare.
Her breath caught.
Even wounded, he exuded power and raw sexuality. She quelled the urge to step back. Dear God, why was a warrior at her door? She didn’t want anything to do with a male, much less one who would be a magnet for serious trouble. And this one was in the Resistance, which equaled the worst kind of trouble.
Something inside the coat whimpered.
“Can you help me?” He glanced toward the bundle.
The look of helplessness on the face of such an otherwise intimidating creature broke through any hesitation she might have had. Besides, he’d helped her during the worst moments of her life.
She moved back. “Come in.”

The Judgment Series can be found on Amazon.

Book 1 Blood Judgment http://amzn.to/Ss6gkO

Book 2 Deadly Judgment http://amzn.to/1gWJug3

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