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Destiny's Fate

Destiny’s Fate ~ Book #1 ~ The Endless Series
Destiny is blind unable to see outside his realm, he's bored, lonely and beginning to dread his duties. Until he discovers an unconscious woman on his couch. He has no idea where she came from or how she got there but he wants to keep her. What lengths is he willing to go to make that happen? Is he willing to enter her world? With his mother determined to have her way, the universe will become the story of what you see isn't always what you get.

Zandra wakes on a couch in the biggest library she has ever seen, she can't remember where she is, how she got there or even her own name. She is easily distracted by Destiny, the man of her dreams.
Even Destiny is not immune to the manipulation of the Universe, who just happens to be his mother. Will Destiny finally see his fate in the eyes of Zandra? With the energy sizzling between the sheets, until reality reclaims Zandra.

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Glancing in the mirror at her new black cocktail dress and strappy sandals, her boss obviously thought she paid enough to cover. Zandra Wilson pulled loose a couple wisps of her black hair and muttered to herself "Good as it's going to get". She snatched her purse off the dresser and made her way to the door. She was already running late, damn she hated these work parties, even if they did only happen once a year. Considering the day she'd had, this was the last thing she wanted to be doing on a Friday night. Admittedly she didn't have a choice. She loved her job, but would have given anything for a different boss. Unfortunately the bully bitch owned the damn company. "Hmm, maybe I'll start looking into that... tomorrow." She laughed at the fact she was starting to sound like the crazy cat lady talking to her ninety-nine beloved pets, "I don't think fluffy slippers count".
She made her way out the door making sure to lock up while checking to see she had everything needed for the meet and greet Keys, Phone, Driver’s License, Money, and Lipstick. Amazed at how much fit into the little clutch purse, she headed to her prized red Audi. The only thing she owned outright as of two months ago. Every time she saw it, she was filled with a sense of accomplishment. Reminding her that that was the reason she took her job so seriously.
Friday night should be spent with the girls doing all the usual girls stuff. At thirty-two she had a well-established girl’s night out thing going on. Even when she started seeing Ethan, she had insisted they have their Friday night’s stay as their girls and boys night out.
Pulling out of her street she made her way to the party. If traffic permits she should be there by ten past eight, still, she would be late in the eyes of her boss. Like really? Did the vulture ever sleep? I suppose that's why her husband worked the night shift, their monies tied up together. Meant that it was a marriage on paper resembling, a one hundred dollar bill. Foreplay was probably a bidding war. Maybe that was why she was such a cow of a woman, she needed to get laid. She shivered at the direction her thoughts had gone, and not in a good way.
She wondered what tonight would bring, considering her day had been furthest from perfect. Stopping at the lights, waiting to turn right, she could only reflect on the text message she had received from Ethan this morning.
Her phone rang, drawing her attention back to the here and now. Answering it on hands free as the light changed green and the car behind her tooted its horn to say as much, “Impatient asshole.”
"Zandra", said her boss, "Where are you? You’re supposed to be here. It's now three minutes to eight and I needed you here an hour ago."
Zandra replied "I'm about ten to fifteen minutes away, and the clients aren't scheduled to arrive until eight-thirty. I have plenty of time to be there before they arrive."
"Yes, well I wanted you here at six-thirty." Said Anne, "You know how I dislike it when things are not done the way I want them, and what if there is some last minute changes I need to make? Who will take care of those?"
Zandra concentrating on the road answered automatically, "What kind of last minute changes?" Waiting to hear that all too familiar response.
Anne replied, "Well that's not important now is it? We don't have time to do anything about them."
Zandra knew there were no last minute changes. It was just her control freak of a boss, trying to monopolize her time yet again. It was the 9:00pm drunken drama phone calls that 
took the on-call 24/7 to the hate her level.
I suppose the inconsiderate bitch gave no thought to the fact that she herself had gone home at two this afternoon to prepare for the meet and great function, leaving the lowly hired help to hold down the fort in her absence. Not to mention the useless kiss ass newbie, of whom they thought only got hired on the grounds he had a dick. Maybe the old black head thought she could get something from that. Bmhahaha. Yeah right, good luck with that one. She obviously didn't have her gayda on that day, or any day since he started three weeks ago. The man was an incompetent imbecile.
JT thought that in itself, was hilarious. As a petite blond pocket rocket with a smart whit to match, her hour glass figure and ample assets, she had a habit for drawing the boss’s eye, and had even taken some of them up on the extra work curriculum. However, she had said flat out at the end of her first day a few years ago, "that is one boss I will never do."
She ventured up to the valet parking at the entrance to the venue, checking her lipstick in the rear vision mirror, before handing her keys over to the young attendant. He handed her the stub of a ticket and proceeded to park her car.
As she entered through the front door, she let out a sigh, whispering to herself "And the fun begins,” shaking her head while watching her boss pace back and forth at the door to the function room. Feeling like she seriously could do with a pep talk from a tall dark scotch and coke, hold the ice. “Hell forget the coke!” Before she could put that thought into motion, her boss turned and spied her out the corner of her eye. Wow! Even better, Anne's bloodshot eyes indicated she'd started the wine tasting hours ago by the look of it. When was that woman going to realize, she made an even bigger ass out of herself, after one glass, let alone the three bottles she looked like she'd crawled out of in preparation for tonight.
JT came up from behind and said over Zandra's shoulder "Don't leave me alone with her, and I won't leave you alone with her. We pee together. Don't suppose we have time to sneak off to the general bar for little reinforcement? The bitch looks like she has a head start on us all." The look on JT's face was priceless. Moving to stand side by side, Zandra and JT presented for duty as a united front. "Tempting but the wicked bitch has already caught site of me, give her three seconds and she'll start her screeching." JT laughed "If she drowns in the hand basin on a toilet break, just remember, you were with me when it happen, and we were nowhere near her at the time. Got it?" Zandra gave a sly sideways look and a smirking nod.
Zandra had worked out with JT after the first week they worked together for Anne, the woman may have intelligence, but she was extremely lacking in people skills resulting in their boss appearing quite crass. You could tell from her walking back into the office after doing a site safety induction for a new client, ripping her bra off and throwing it on the desk was deemed as professional in her eyes. They also agreed that the woman was afraid of success. All too happy to put her finger in the pie as long as she wasn't the one who had to chase down the ingredients, make and bake it. She would insist that you supplied the plates and spoons to serve it up, while cackling "Yes, yes it's my recipe, this is one I just whipped up." Once everything had been prepared for the client she then signed on the dotted line and claimed it as another of her successful ventures. Then, behind the clients back throwing it back on either Zandra or JT's desk for them to follow up on and find the clients requirements. At least Zandra and JT bought professionalism to the playground.
Zandra said to JT "we really need to buy that winning lottery ticket."
JT replied "hey it's not like we haven't got a ticket, I want to know who I have to sleep with to get our numbers to come up, just keep in mind if it's a man, I'm not doing it."
Zandra looked at her in disbelief "Not even for twenty million? Really? I have no idea how you managed to end up with a daughter."
JT scrunched her face up "Okay so there was that one time, after which I can safely say, men have all that hair going on in places there shouldn't be hair, no hair where there should 
be, and, they all have that winkle thing happening." She then proceeded to make a gag motion to support the evidence she had presented. Gesturing up and down her body JT smiled "one hundred percent cuni-lingual fluent lesbian."
Zandra laughed while making her way into the room set-up for tonight's function. Invitations had been sent out to about sixty companies and businesses. Fifty percent would be current clients and fifty percent would be new clients. The evening was based on feedback and promotion from new and current clients on how great our services were. Also drum up further contacts between both parties to better their own supply and demands. Even if out of the prospective clients we only landed business from half of them it would make for a successful night.
They encountered the queen B, in her most floral slur "Where the fuck have you two been? When I give you something to do, I expect it to be done when I say."
JT's brows drew together in confusion, "What have we missed? I'm sorry Anne, but I'm not a mind reader. Everything has been prepared and organized in accordance to your demands, so again I ask what did we miss or blatantly forget?" JT was never one to mince her words around Anne, She wasn't the doormat type, unless she was pulling it out from under Anne's feet, to then bitch slap her with it.
Anne swayed slightly "Never mind, I'll just have to do it myself, honestly I have to do everything myself. This company couldn't run without me, if I wasn't there to take care of every detail."
JT nodded "While you’re doing that then, I'm going to the toilet to freshen up."
Zandra followed "I'll walk with you, one less thing to take care of once the guests arrive."
Once out of earshot they looked at one another and echoed in unison, "Bitch!"
Zandra told JT "You know she rang me while I was driving here tonight demanding to know where I'd been? And then did a rant and rave about last minute changes. "JT explained she'd received a similar call as they checked their appearances, snapped a photo against the wall before taking their places at the door to receive and introduce various company directors. Rolling her eyes Zandra wondered how long before Anne lets loose that annoying cackle of hers.
Clients came and went, most avoiding Anne's drunken bragging, on how she was the leading recruitment agency, and how she could bend over backward and kiss her own ass. She didn't believe in sharing the credit where it was due, no as far as she was concerned all her staff we overpaid and under worked. She liked to make out like she paid well above the award rate, a comical three cents an hour. She neglected to mention that her staff were frequently woken at all hours of the day and night with her staffing demands. The damn women was a fifty-five year old insomniac, if she didn't sleep then nobody slept. Which would not be so bad except the pay packet did not reflect the twenty four hours a day, seven days a week phone calls. Not to mention no overtime or call-out bonuses. It simply covered the bills with minimal left over for icing on top, at least now her car was paid off she could afford a pamper and a rainy day occasionally.
Many clients made a point of approaching JT and Zandra acknowledging their teamwork, in supplying their staffing requirements. With two thirds of the prospective clients handing out business cards with requests for contact in the near future for contact, to sort out the numbers and areas of staffing required to cover increases in production or new positions opening up. By eleven o'clock the function was done and dusted. Only leaving one drunk as a skunk Anne to put in a taxi and send on home. JT sighed "Guess she didn't drown in hand basin, too bad we won't need that alibi tonight."
Zandra laughed "the night is still early. Let's throw her head first in a cab and cut loose, I don't know about you but I'm exhausted." JT thought it was a great plan. After helping their toxic boss into the back of a taxi cab and informing the driver "Destination, Oz." The driver 
replied, with a thick Indian accent "I do not know where that be mam," JT wrote it down for him and said "Wow, what a great sense of humour you have. That's her address, just make sure she gets home safe, payroll is Monday and we need her alive till then."
Turning to the valet they presented their collection tickets and waited.
JT gave Zandra a hug and a kiss on the cheek as her car approached first, she said, "See you Monday, have a good weekend."
Zandra waved "You too. Try to stay out of trouble, and if you can't, then be safe"
While waiting for her car all she could think about was getting home and soaking in a long hot bath and then sliding into the fresh sheets on her king size bed.
She stepped into her car as the valet closed the door, she thanked him. She adjusted the seat and fastened her seat-belt. Thank God her apartment was only a short distance. She pulled out of the venues driveway noting that for a Friday night, there was a reasonable amount of traffic on the road.
As she approached the intersection the lights turned green. Taking her foot of the brake she placed it back on the accelerator to enter the intersection, just as a car ran a red light, ploughing into the driver’s side of her vehicle. It happened so fast, everything just went black.
Slowly she became aware of excruciating pain it was too difficult to figure out where it originated from, her entire body hurt. Unable to do anything but moan, the paramedic said, "Stay still, do not move you have been in an accident, we are waiting for the rescue team to arrive to get you out." Everything receded into that blackness, where she didn't seem to be in any pain.
Emergency lights were flashing all around as police quickly had the area secured. Two ambulances were on scene, fire and rescue all arriving together at one on the most horrific scenes some of the emergency crews had ever laid eyes on. The police placed a blue tarp over a young male passenger not wearing a seat-belt in the front of the offending vehicle. Two teams of paramedics were working frantically on the trapped drivers of both vehicles. Rescue teams working around the paramedics to cut away the bent and twisted remains of the imploded vehicles. Paramedics were trying to stabilize their breathing and support the unconscious bodies.
Rescue teams worked as fast as possible to cut through the metal. "On the count of three we lift the lid off this tin can," Said Senior rescue office Harrison. "Then we can remove the door and give you full access."

Once the door was off, the paramedics swooped in with the aid of the rescue team. They managed to get Zandra on a spinal board and fit her with a neck brace. She was lifted onto a stretcher and locked into place in the back of the Ambulance. Cutting clothes and attaching monitors, administering an IV, they were doing all they could to stabilize her as the ambulance raced to the nearest hospital, sirens blaring and lights flashing with a police escort.


Destiny was tired it had been a long day. When he thought about it, it had been a longer week and even longer year. He was exhausted it wasn't like he could take time off. He couldn't even remember what it was like to not have the responsibilities of all mankind trapping him in this place. He'd long ago given up hope of ever being free of his prison. Shaking his head, he thought of all those worthless sick and twisted people who got less for murder. They knew they would either die from an attack in prison or get parole it was a win, win situation. There was no such thing as parole where he was standing or in this instance sitting.
He turned the page of the volume named Joseph Henry, the new born baby who had just taken his first breath and opened his blurry eyes to the bright lights surrounding him. He was placed in the arms of a loving mother, who would distract him from all the strange noises suddenly so loud.
Destiny sighed at the unmistakable smell of ink blanching paper, he blew a breath of warm air to set the ink, waited a minute for it to dry then closed the book and placed it on the shelf with the knowledge that this was now a closed volume. The boys’ destiny had just been sealed. He would now be passed onto his brother to take care of. He would not touch the volume again until it was archived on the day of Joseph Henry's death. The only thing he could tell was that of a life span by the bulk of the volume. Joseph Henry would probably be near fifty when his life force would cease to exist.
Death would have his name appear with a date, time and location for collection. His brother had already collected the volumes for today's collections.
He often wondered as to why he held the realm of Destiny, his mother always explained it was because as the eldest of her immortal children he had been born blind and that all man kinds destiny must be equal in its prescription.
He felt a stir of air and a shift in his surroundings. Something was different there was a presence unlike when one of his kin came to visit. He moved back through the many shelves of the library toward the sitting area where his desk was located. As he progressed, the foreign sensation grew stronger. As the bookshelves opened up into the main room, he could hear the soft sounds of breathing and the smell of rose geranium, not unlike those from his 
mother’s garden. Yet he knew it was not his mother’s essence that filled the room. It was different. He also knew it was not that of his sisters Karma or Delirium. It was definitely not an immortal. The person did not have the power that would emanate from an endless.
As he stepped towards the three seater sofa he held his hand out in front of himself to better feel the shift in energy. His hand touched the heel of a shoe. Following along the couch there was a soft skinned foot inside the shoe, an ankle that wasn't skinny and bony but also not of heavy set, structurally sound. His hand worked further up the solid calf, knee and thigh. Voluptuous, was the only word that came to mind, his brain trying to understand exactly what the intruder was doing in his space.
She did not appear to be moving apart from the inhale and exhale of shallow breaths. He returned to his desk to consider the situation. Maybe if he left her alone for a while, she would simply return to where ever she came from. The air became chilled as his brother entered the room, “Hey brother of mine, what's the skinny?”
Destiny replied, "I don't have a clue, maybe you can tell me, I didn't think she was a skinny female though."
Death took on a puzzled look, "What in hell are you going on about? I'm not following."
Destiny raised his hand and pointed in the general direction of the couch, without saying a word to indicate his discomfort. Death glanced over his shoulder, his head snapping back in the direction of his brother, "Damn it, shit, what have you done? Who is she?"
Destiny grew angry with the implied words, "I have no idea who she is, how she got here or even where she came from. I felt a change in the room and next thing you know, I'm finding her on my couch." His voice became more intense with every word." I didn't bring her here, and I don't recall ordering home delivery from the Chrisco Catalogue."
"Well do you think we should wake her up? It would be a start to finding out those questions you don't have answers for. You know I can't touch her or she will become my problem, and seeing as I'm not missing anyone on my role call, that makes you batter up."
"Before I do this, can you give me something to work with, what does she look like, how old would you say she is? Any notable features, that we could use to identify where she may come from?" It was the first time Destiny had ever envied his brothers ability to see. He wanted to know what the feel of her skin under his hands had looked like.
Death took in her appearance, "She has hair the colour you live in, she seems to be wearing a party dress of some description, and she looks to be late twenty something. She has a voluptuous curve to her body in all the right places. No visible birthmarks or tattoos but then her body is covered. She seems to be in a state of stasis. Breathing, but not moving. Hmm my best guess is call Walt Disney, Snow White has been found," laughing to himself, "Maybe you should kiss her Prince of Destiny."
Sometimes Destiny really disliked his siblings, he knew they all took their duties with dedication and devotion, but honestly they had a fucked up sense of humour when it came to their siblings short comings.
Deaths ill-timed attempt at a joke aggravated his anger. "Very Funny. Ha-ha!" Sarcasm dripping "I think it's time you left if you aren't going to be of any significant help." He did not like to admit he resented his brother’s eyes being able to see what he could not.
He had also noted the underlying appreciation in his brother’s voice as he ogled the female on his couch, and he had no intentions of turning this situation into a territorial pissing contest with him. He moved to stand between Death and the female, in case he suddenly thought to touch her and remove her from his domain.

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