Melissa Bell

Taming Destruction

*** Taming Destruction ~ Book #2 ~ The Endless Series***

Destruction is the master of his realm, the creator of Natural Disasters from erupting volcanoes to raging tsunamis, shattering earthquakes and devastating hurricanes.
Megan is a woman who has already lost everything, her mother, her father and the man she loved, the man she was supposed to spend her life with. Megan now stands to lose anything she has left, her family home and her mother’s craft shop. There is a cyclone, hovering off the coast, getting closer and closer by the minute.
What will happen when Destruction meets Megan, will he destroy her too.
Can Megan see past Destruction's duty, to see the man behind the damage and ruin he causes? Will Destruction let Megan close enough to see there is more to him than meets the eye? 'Taming Destruction' is the second book in the 'Endless Series'.

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~ Excerpt ~

Destruction entered his realm he returned the missing emblem to its location. His brother had a female, jealousy spiked deep within him.
He wanted a female, but he didn't dare touch a human. The thought terrified him. Everything he touched, crumbled like a brittle biscuit.
The only safe place for him and from him was in his realm. That, he could control, his surroundings protected by his mother’s bestowal. However, if he left his home, he couldn't touch a single thing without destroying it.
He wanted to know how he could find a woman strong enough to make his own, in all ways.
Disheartened he focused on the enormity of his role as Destruction.
He often reflected on why he had been given this realm, why not Dream, or Death? The thought that land and life, would be lost, left him cold and lonely inside. That's why he needed to find his mate, someone good to equal his bad, because that's how he saw himself. Nothing good ever came out of his divination.
He was growing increasingly unhappy with his role in the big picture, not that he had ever been happy about it to start with.
He turned his back on the maps surface, storming out of the room. He knew better than to touch anything in the mood he was garnishing. He was likely to wipe out the entire human population with one foul swipe of his power.
He needed to calm himself. Maybe he needed some downtime. He couldn't remember the last time he'd actually slept. Minutes crept into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, and years. He was tired of it all his faith in the universe had been all but destroyed.
He stormed into his bedroom and started to strip on his way to the shower. Maybe he could wash away some of the residue attached to his skin.
As he wrapped the towel around his hips, he left the bathroom and headed for his king sized bed. He sat down and opened his side table draw and removed the soft pouch of dream sand given to him by his brother. Not bothering to measure he lifted his thumb to his forehead, and deposited a healthy dose between his brows smudging upward. Closing the pouch he placed it back in the draw, stood to drop his towel and climbed into bed. Silently he prayed that his dreams would be filled with something other than destruction.

* * * * *

Megan knew she had limited time to prepare for the cyclone that was steadily moving closer to the coastline with every passing hour. She had done her best to prepare her house. She'd packed everything worth keeping, which wasn't much, into the basement and sandbagged the door. Anything else would hopefully be covered by insurance, and she had a little saved up for a rainy day.
Her father had taught her that lesson as a kid. She'd packed most of her clothes into a couple of suitcases and loaded them into her old Toyota. Her father had been an emotionally cold man. He never said he loved her, but he gave her guidance and life lessons. While other parents bought cars for their kids as they got their licenses, her dad helped her take out the finance. He spent three days searching for the right car, while she worked to earn the money to make payments on it. She’d been eighteen at the time, he met her after work and the deal was done. She’d paid off the car years ago, keeping it well maintained. She was as reliable as ever, even if she wasn't pretty. She had a moment of sadness, her father had disconnected after her mother’s death, not just from her but from life in general. She had laid him to rest within a matter of months after her mother. She’d moved back into the family home, and had taken over the running of her mother’s shop. She was still at odds as to whether she was going to keep either or both.
She had a flair for her mother’s passion, but as life had thrown curve balls her direction at every turn her faith had been shaken if not stirred. She had her own emotional cyclone going on inside her head and her heart. She felt she was standing in the eye of a storm, being pulled in different directions.
With time closing in on her fast before the impending cyclone proceeded, closing off roads and evacuation from the area, she needed to get her shit happening. Like now, as in yesterday. With her car loaded she headed to her mother’s shop. She couldn't afford to lose the last pieces of her mother.
The sheets of rain made it hard to see, accompanied by the strong winds trying to push her off the road, making the short trip to the shop exhausting.
Parking her car in the back carpark, she figured it would be somewhat protected by the surrounding block of shops. She locked her car before entering through the back door. She locked the door and headed out to the front of the store.
Her plan of action was to be in and out as quick as possible. The easiest and quickest solution was to quickly pack stuff into cartons from the storeroom. Opening the door she raced in forgetting to prop the door open until she heard it slam shut. "Fuck!"

Chapter Two

Megan started to pace, she needed to figure a way out of here before things became even worse than just bad.
She’d lost her faith in the powers that be. Her mother tried to encourage her with teachings of the craft. It wasn’t her mother’s fault the boy she’d fallen in love with as child, would grow into a man of war. He was two years older than her and the day after his eighteenth birthday, he’d enlisted in the army. She’d only seen him once more after that, she thought as a tear rolled down her cheek. Shaun came home for his mother’s funeral, after which he’d kissed her deeply, and asked her to wait for him. He promised to come home and make a life with her. It never happened. He’d died from an ambush, an attack whilst on a scouting mission. A piece of her died with him that same day. He was supposed to come home to find her waiting. He was supposed come home and be her partner in life, instead she lay awake at night crying for what she'd lost and she was alone in her wake. She woke up after a dream to realize, he wasn't coming back, no matter how many tears she cried. She straightened her spine, held her head high, and decided to live for him. He wouldn't be her partner in life, and she wouldn't be his partner in death.
She built a wall of ice around her heart, it was the way it was then and still is now, almost ten years later.
She looked through the shelves in the storeroom, not having much faith that it would work, but needed to try anyway.

* * * * *

Destruction was dreaming of the most exquisite female he had ever seen. She was his perfect image of a woman, tall, strong boned, with curves that could fill his large hands with softness. She had hair like angry fire light, spiraling down her back. She took a band from her wrist and pulled it in a bunch on top of her head, making his finger itch to release it. He wanted to feel it between his fingers, to see if it was as soft to touch as it appeared.
She was busy collecting items from the shelves in a small but tidy room. There were a number of items on a stone bench on the floor. He could make out a goblet, a dagger, an urn containing little leaves and a bottle of oil. She removed all her clothes, picked up a bag of salt and made a circle. With four chunks of crystal, she created four corners. She took the bottle of oil from the altar and anointed her flawless skin. She then removed the band that restrained her hair, allowing it to fall softly down her freshly oiled body. She tossed the band to where her cloths rested. She waved her hand over a candle but nothing happened, she sighed with disappointment.
Rubbing her hands together she said, "Come on Megan, you’re supposed to be a seventh generation witch." She placed her hand on her knees, and took in deep relaxing breaths. She felt the flicker of light in her solar plexus she focused her energy on it. Collecting a memory from her mother’s teachings she let the ball of light glow. A bright white light started to radiate through her body until it felt like her entire body was tingling with its essence, its power. Slowly lifting her hand, she waved it over the candle, the wick flamed to life, and she felt a calm override her senses. She exhaled slowly, not realizing she had been anxiously holding her breath.
She tried not to let her focus waver, as she heard the sound of the wind and rain steadily growing stronger outside. Right now fear and self-doubt were not an option. The negative energy would interfere with the power needed to get her out of this situation alive, and in one piece. Her mind was another matter altogether. Though her mother had always been a little bat shit crazy but in her own lovable way, she was hoping the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
"Focus Megan, Focus!" Her mother would have said. She said a little a prayer to her mother for strength and guidance. Opened her eyes and lifted her face picturing the white robed deity in her mind, she started to chant.
Destruction felt as if someone had sucker punched him in the stomach when she finally looked up, he saw ocean blue eyes. He was breathtakingly beautiful. The candle light illuminated her skin making it glow. He’d been mesmerized from the moment as she’d took her clothing off.
He knew nothing about this female other than her name, Megan. He felt tingles in places he wanted to feel her strong hands, as she spoke to herself. He felt her voice trickle through him waking every cell of his being. One thought coming hard and fast, loud and clear, "Mine!" He had to have her, he didn't care about the how, he didn't care the when. No! That was a lie, he wanted her now, he'd waited too long for this moment to let it go. His body needed her like he needed his next breath. His entire body was humming, so strong it was becoming painful. His muscles starving for blood, his breathing became heavy, he recognized all his common sense had vacated south. His dick so hard he could hammer nails into stone.
He needed to wake up, he needed to find her. What then? He couldn't touch her, she was human. If he was to slide his hands over her alabaster skin, she would bruise, he would leave her broken, maybe even dead.
Disheartened at the thought of never being able to touch her, kiss her or be inside her, he concentrated on the ritual she was performing.

Chapter Three

Cosmo felt the call, she didn't recognize the energy but it did possess a familiarity to it. The power was fragile, newly tested, yet old.
Did she really want to waste her time and energy on her curiosity or was the fragrance of the petals floating in her hot bath louder?
Balancing naked with her toe poised to enter the sweet smelling tub, the energy flared. "Oh! Alright Already!" She muttered placing her foot back on the floor. Waving her hands down her torso she donned her white gown, and vanished.
She reappeared in a tiny room with a young woman on her knees in front of an altar. She could sense the turmoil inside the women, as well as the surging energy of her son. The kerfuffle going on outside had Destruction's energy all over it.
She understood this females’ destiny was laid out on the altar at her feet. Ok then, she thought, ‘Let's get this show on the road as they say.’
The look of surprise on the woman's face, said it all. She had the knowledge, but not the experience. Hmmmmm, interesting she thought this might not be a total waste of time after all.
She started by asking, "What's your name child?"
"Megan," she whispered. She gave a little cough to clear her throat, and tried again. "Megan Delaney, I am the seventh of the Delaney line. Daughter of Meghan, daughter of Meagen, daughter..." She trailed off as Cosmo interrupted, "Yes, yes, I know who the Delaney daughter is. I do not recall much after the passing of your mother however."
"Yes. My Lady, and for that I am eternally embarrassed and beg your forgiveness?" She was not above begging, if it came to her life. She was not ready to die for something a simple apology could rectify.
"Alright, so why did you falter child? Why did you step away from your faith?" Cosmo asked, wanting the details before she could accept Megan's apology.
Megan's face took on a sad reflective look, Cosmo waited and watched as Megan processed and constructed her reply. She finally answered, "I lost the love of my life, the man I would have married and had children with."
Cosmo pondered Megan's answer, which made her wonder at the term Megan had used, "Lost, you say, in what form of the word are you referring to?" She patiently waited for Megan's response.
A single tear trailed down her cheek, as she explained. "He was killed while deployed overseas."


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