Last Day of the Blog Hop Post: Special for Restraining An Alpha

For the last of day of the IS IT SUMMER YET BLOG HOP, Here is my last post of the hop.  IF you would like a copy (2 up for grabs) please post below with contact info.

My book Restraining An Alpha is up for sale on Smashwords and Amazon. It should be up on B&N and Itunes soon. Here is an excerpt and a blurb.


Tony and Sally are the new betas for the Monroe werewolf pack. Not everyone is happy with the two new betas.Danger comes at them from inside and outside the pack. The banished beta had been humiliated at his defeat and now plots revenge. If that wasn't bad enough, Sally's newly awaken wolf is making life very difficult. Sally will have to use every once of strength she has to save her family.

 Restraining an Alpha

Six years ago when I saw the young brunette in the bar of The Wild Bone, I never knew how much life could change. Her friends had brought her to a bar to get her out of the house after her mother had died. I saw the sadness in her eyes. I was drawn to her immediately. A peace fell over me that I had never felt before and I knew she was my mate. So when I heard some of the other werewolves talk about scaring the humans, I knew I had to protect her. For almost six years I did just that. Now mated to the beauty, I know how lucky I am to have her in my life. A cherished gift. Never would have I guessed she was not only a hybrid but also an alpha in her own right.

When I first met Tony, the attraction was surreal. I had never really been interested in boys and they did not like me. Finding out that my mother had kept a pretty big secret from me was a shocker but also answered a lot of questions. Fighting off Alex and his screwed up ideals, was one of many obstacles I have already been confronted with. I am still learning how to be a werewolf. My wolf is strong and I have a feeling she is going to make life interesting. Being a female alpha, I have been told that trouble is coming. With danger knocking at the door, I hope I am strong enough to keep those I love safe.

My daughter is a miracle. To some she is an abomination. To some they will stop at nothing to take her out. Danger will come from all sides, inside and outside of the pack. We must be strong and confront the dangers coming. The witches have told me Sally will bring a new era to para kind. If she lives through this we may be able to change to world.

 “Tony, how long do werewolves live?” “Well it is different for each. On average around 200 years or so. A little longer than humans but we also tend to have fewer children and there are just fewer and fewer of us in general. What brought this up?” “What about me? I have both human and wolf DNA. Will I die and get old way before you?” I looked at Tony with tears in my eyes. All of the sudden the thought of me living without him or us not being together was making me cry. Tony crossed the room in large steps almost running to my side. He sat on the bed in his boxers and put his hands on the side of my head to tilt it up. He looked into my eyes and said, “Sally mine, I honestly have no idea but the day you leave this world, I will be following right behind you. That is what mates do. It is for life and everything after. No one will separated us ever. You got that? “ I fell in love just a little bit more with this man. With his scar on his neck and tattoo on his arm, I reached up and ran my hands into his dark silky hair. His hands came off my face to my shoulders and worked their way down to my hands. He held them, his large with my small ones, forever together. As a tear slide down my cheek, I pulled his hand up to my mouth and kissed each finger and then one on his palm. Slowly I kissed my way up his muscled arms. So strong and so damn sexy. The heat between us had always been combustible. The attraction was so strong and the love we felt for one another was getting stronger every day.

.99 cents at Smashwords and Amazon for Book 2



Come check out how it all started With Book One The Wild Bone: The White Alpha of Monroe
 When Sally's mother dies, she is left with no family. Her two best friends Hector and Cathy decide to take her out to the new bar in town, The Wild Bone, to get her out of the house. The night doesn't turn out how they imagine. Sally's mother kept a secret that is about to come to light. The secret holds the trio's future. 2 men both werewolves are about to change Sally's life forever. One will be her future and bring out what has been hidden from her. One wants to steal her future to gain the power of the Monroe pack. Will Sally and her friends survive the turmoil to come?

Book one is FREE on Smashwords right now!!


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