Review of Predator's Serenade (Gemini Island Shifters, Book 2) by Rosanna Leo

Predator's Serenade (Gemini Island Shifters, Book 2)

 Gemini island, a place that shifters can vacation in the out doors, camp, shift, and do what shifters do with out the "normal" people finding out their secrets. It is also a place to bring young shifters, who are having issues at home or with being different.  Ryland, the owner and proprietor of Gemini Island, runs the place with his wife. He has a case that is troubling him. A young boy and his mother have come for help. Gunner is not talking to his mother and his mom Gioia is worried. Ryland wants to help them but even he is not having much luck with the boy. When he finds out his idol is the one and only drummer, Soren, he makes the call. Soren after all is a bear shifter as well and most importantly his brother. 

Soren is a typical "star". Plays his music by day and women by night. When he gets a call about some boy who needs his help, he is less than excited to go, but he will do it for Ryland. When Soren sees Gioia, all plans change. He never planed to take a mate but he may have just found her. Now to convince her that they may have a future together. But things are never easy. With Soren's past with women being played out on the national nets, magazines, and TV, Gioia, is not going to come easily. Gioia and Gunner also have their own issues they are dealing with along with a couple they don't even know about yet!!

This is book 2 of the Gemini Island series. Book 1 is on this site, please go check out the review. Soren, the womanizer he is, has never wanted a mate. Sleeping with who he wants and traveling playing his music is just what he does. Ryland, is just trying to help a young family who has been through a very tuff time and is pulling out everything to try to help them. Ryland never thought matchmaker would be in his job description. The story unfolds with Soren reluctantly coming to Gemini island to help his brother but quickly Soren becomes infatuated with Gioia. Gioia is just protecting her heart, which has already been broken. The story line is sweet and definitely has twists and turns I didn't expect. Just as soon as you think all with be well ...BAM! Something else happens.  Great read, awesome series ....you really don't have to read book 1 if you haven't, to understand book 2. But I will say you learn a little more about Soren and his "ways" in book 1 and the story of Ryland and his wife is really good as well. Thanks Rosanna for the great read!



  1. Really enjoyed this book. I read this part first. I went back and purchased part 1as a result.

  2. Thank you so much Julie for an amazing review of Predator's Serenade!


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