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First welcome to JBR! 

We are so happy to be visiting with you today.

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I’d love to give away a ecopy of The Submission of a Mafia Princess.

First why don't you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi Julie! Thanks for having me today! I'm an author of sizzling contemporary
erotic romance who stays up way past my bedtime writing and reading “the
sexy”. I’ve published four novella’s including my series, The Satin Rose
Experience. The books in this series are based on an elite BDSM club in New
York City.

Newest release?

My newest release is The Submission of a Mafia Princess, book 3 of the
Satin Rose Experience series. Even though it is part of a series, the hero and
heroine are exclusive to this book and it can be enjoyed as a stand alone
story. Here’s the blurb:

Duty, Respect and Honor thy Family ...

As the only child of notorious mob boss, Tony “The Chief” Azzari, Antonietta
lives her life by this mantra. Toni never questions the world where decisions
are made for her, until she meets Harley-Davidson riding bad boy, Braxton
Malone. Ever since their fiery first kiss all those years ago, she can’t deny
the desire to submit to his control.
Brax always knew he’d be walking a dangerous tightrope if he fell for Toni,
but like a moth to a flame, he couldn't stay away. Barely surviving the wrath
of the mob within an inch of his life, a scorned Brax has vowed never again
to allow a woman under his skin.
Three years later, Brax is a top Dom at The Satin Rose Experience, New
York’s posh BDSM club. When Toni shows up to fulfill her fantasy of
submission before being forced into a loveless marriage, that vow is in just
as much jeopardy as his life. Can they overcome the crimes of passion from
their past and change Toni’s fate forever?
What can we expect from your stories, action, drama, romance,sex, blood
and guts?
I’m all about the romance...and sex, of course. There has to be smokin’ hot
sex. The Satin Rose Experience series is what I like to call “BDSM lite”. You
won’t read hardcore BDSM in my books, my brand of kink is on the softer
more sensual side of dominance and submission.

Do you have a favorite character in your stories? Who? and Why?

I love the heroine, Toni. Her character blossoms from the shy, self conscious
daughter of an overprotective and powerful father into a woman with a
defined set of wants and needs. Thank goodness Brax Malone returns to help
her with her journey of self discovery.

 How about your least favorite character?  What makes them less appealing
to you?

That would be Angelo also known as "The Chin", however he's an important
part of the story.

Give us an interesting fun fact or a few about your book or series:

The Satin Rose Experience is located on the twentieth floor of Rosebud
Resorts, a fictitious hotel in New York City, however, my inspiration for the
location is New York’s W Hotel. The SRE lounge is modeled from the Martini
Bar at the W. Many of the other locales from the series are also real places,
such as the lingerie boutique Mia Lavender, SRE's VP of Client Experience,
takes all of her clients to shop.

Has there been any other authors who have inspired your work or helped
you out with your stories?

Yes! I love to say there is a true sisterhood of authors at Evernight. Many of
them have helped me in different ways. Whether it’s bouncing ideas, beta
reads or simply just being there as a sounding board. It’s a wonderfully
supportive community.

What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful?

Tell your friends! It's a fact that word of mouth is the best promotion of all.
When you like an author, please tell other readers. Also, reviews are great.
Even if it’s just a couple of lines on Amazon or Goodreads.

Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers trying to get

Readers: Drop a note to your favorite authors. We love to hear from
Writers: As silly as this sounds, finish that book! It's easy to start one but
harder to follow through. Do it and then write another.

 Do you have a favorite author?  If yes, what draws you to that person’s

I love Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. Jamie and Claire's love story is
epic. However, each book in the series is very long. I still haven't read the
entire series yet.

 Can you remember one of the first things you wrote? What makes it

Oh yes! That novel is tucked away in the vault. I open it up and take a look
at it every once in a while but quickly close the file. Since it was my first, it’s
loaded with technical issues even though I really love the story.
Where do you gather most of the inspiration for your works?
Everywhere! I love to travel and trips usually help inspire a new plot.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies, pets or stories you would like to

I have two dogs, a German Shepherd who thinks she’s a Maltipoo and a
Maltipoo who is convinced he’s a German Shepherd.

Favorite places to travel or visit?

I had the opportunity to visit Paris and London for the first time last Spring.
As an art buff, it was an incredible experience to walk through the Louvre.

 And now, before you go, how about a snippet from your book that is meant
to intrigue and tantalize us:( Include links to were we can find your work)

Toni lay in darkness, left alone with her thoughts and listening to the
air flowing in through her nose and out through her mouth as Mia had
instructed. Candles were one of Toni’s demands, especially when she
discovered the submissive pose would push her ass high in the air. She
couldn’t handle a harsh spotlight on her full cheeks. Even though she didn’t
want to admit it, the dim lights also served the purpose of keeping her Dom
of choice, Mick, as anonymous as possible. Not that she needed candles for
that; his last minute demand was to blindfold her. Something that they
hadn’t talked about while reviewing her soft and hard limits.
Toni wasn’t sure how much time had passed since Mia left the room
after preparing her for the scene. She tested the restraints connected to her
wrist bindings. Only an inch or two of slack allowed her to shift slightly on
the sumptuous bed. Crisp linens cradled her shins, which were spread
slightly. Deep breaths pushed her leather-covered breasts into the soft
mattress. Her position of submission caused the leather strap between her
backside cheeks to tighten against her sensitized folds.
The click of the lock and slide of the door caused every nerve ending
to stand at attention. Heavy footfalls sounded on the suite’s plush carpeting.
Concentrating on her breathing, Toni willed her heart to stay within the
confines of her chest.
Inhale through her nose. Fingers caressed the back of her calf and
eased her shoe off her right foot.
Exhale through her mouth. Her other shoe slid from her foot and a
single finger drew a slow line down the bottom of her foot.
Inhale. The ticking of a zipper filled her ears.
Exhale. Shit, the breathing thing wasn’t working.
Inhale and hold. She squeezed her eyes shut. I can do this. I can dothis.
The floodgates opened with a sobbing exhale. “Fire! Fire. I’m sorry. I
can’t. I just...can’t. I thought I could. I thought it would be like before. But
it’s not.”
“Before?” a low voice whispered. There was something about that
“Yes, before. With Brax. I’m sorry. I just can’t, not like this." A sob
wracked her chest and tears soaked her blindfold.
“Shh, it’s okay,” Hands stroked her hair enveloping her into a
comforting sensation that was as familiar as breathing. She picked her head
up and perked her ears toward the source.
“It’s me, Antonietta. You’re safe.”
The bed dipped next to her and the blindfold slipped off her head. She
blinked a few times to focus her eyes.
“Hello, sunshine.”
“What are you doing here?”
“Come on, you know me a little better than to think I’d sit back idly
and allow some random man have his way with you.”
Toni sat up on her heels causing her tethered hands to rise
“Here. Let’s get you out of these.” Brax unhooked the restraints from
her bindings and took her hands into his. He untied the satin cords and
slowly uncoiled them from her wrists. Rubbing them in between his hands,
memories came flooding back. Back when she was his.
“You look beautiful,” he said, surveying her body.
She focused on his face, attempting to sear every feature of him into
her memory: the planes and light stubble of his cheeks, his tousled hair,
and his eyes that had always been able to read her like a book from the first
day they met.
There was so much she wanted to say, but it was pointless. “One
night is all we have.”
Brax took her chin between his thumb and index finger and pulled her
close. “I know. Get up and get dressed.”
“Where are we going?”
“Your fantasy of submission starts now. No questions,” he said and
playfully slapped her ass. Grabbed his jacket from the chair, he strode to
the door before turning around.
“You have ten minutes. Wear a dress and these.” He pulled a flash of
red and lace from the jacket’s pocket and tossed it to Toni.
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Author Bio:
Sandra Bunino is a numbers crunching business professional by day who
stays up past her bedtime thanks to her oh-so-sexy imagination. Who needs
sleep, anyway? Sandra is constantly searching for different ways to achieve
a heart-pumping, stomach-flipping, breath-catching reaction from her
These days, Sandra lives on a wooded mountaintop not far from New York
City with her family. She always looks forward to hearing from her readers
and she may be contacted at sbunino@gmail.com. As a social media junkie
in need of a ten-step program, you can also follow her on Facebook and
Twitter (@sandrabunino).
Website / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads / Pinterest
Stalk Sandra here:
Remember, following is sexy!
Image of Sandra Bunino
Thanks for visiting with us. It has been a pleasure.
Julie Ramsey


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