Interview with Tyler Robbins Evernight Event

Welcome to JBR!

We are thrilled to have you visiting today.

I’m delighted to be here. Thank you for having me.

With the huge give away going on, what item are you offering to our
wonderful readers?

I will be offering an eBook copy of my latest M/M Military release, Aftermath: Guts
and Glory

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Tyler Robbins, a.k.a., Robin Badillo. I live in a small Texas town and am the
mother of four nearly grown kids.
I write strictly GLBT erotic romance, mostly M/M, under my pseudonym, Tyler, so
my readers know exactly what they’re getting the instant they order one of my books.
The sub-genres might vary, but I do my best to create characters who endure reallife problems while perusing relationships filled with angst, internal and external
conflict, and of course, a happily ever after.
I hope my readers continue to believe in me to deliver the goods when it comes to
sexy, intense, gay romance.

What genres do you like to write?

M/M erotic romance is my favorite, but I’ve dabbled in ménage and hope to expand
my stories to include F/F and possibly even M/M/F ménage.

What is your newest release?

My latest release is a military story titled, Aftermath: Guts and Glory.

What are you working on right now?

I’m teetering back and forth between two stories at the moment. One, a southern
themed M/M story titled, Broken Neon about the closeted relationship between the
lead singer and the guitarist of an up and coming country music band who have been
forced to hide their sexuality from family, fans and the paparazzi.
The other story, set in Houston, is about a sexy male escort who unknowingly falls
for his boss whom he thinks is merely his latest eccentric client.

Any future projects you can hint about?

I’ve been asked to pen an F/F sequel to Aftermath: Guts and Glory. If, and when, I
am finally able to write it, it will be titled, Aftermath, Camo and Lace.

As a writer can you give an aspiring authors any advice or some of your

I usually tell newcomers to toughen up and develop thick skin in preparation for
future critics, but lately, I try to advise writers to stay true to themselves and not
write certain genres just because it’s popular. I’ve been asked if this is the reason I
started writing GLBT and my answer will always be a resounding, no.

If you could meet one character from your books who would it be and

I’d love to cross paths with the hero of Aftermath: Guts and Glory, Ryder Bishop.

Are there any other people or authors that have inspired you or helped
you along the way?

Anytime my muse needs a little pick me up, I crack open one of Avril Ashton’s
novels. Wow!! That Brooklyn lady can bring the heat. I’m a little biased, though.
She’s not only an awesome author, she’s someone I consider a very dear friend.

How about some fun stuff?

I am always up for a little fun, especially if it’s naughty.

What is you fav activity besides writing?

Sleeping!! No really, with teenagers and a house full of rambunctious four-legged
fur-kids, sleep is a precious commodity.

Do you own any pets?

I do, I do. We had two female dogs (Chihuahua/terrier mix), but last year, a pesky
Pomeranian sneaked into my yard and fathered FIVE adorable puppies with one of
the little harlots.
We kept three boys, so my kids could each have a dog, but recently their sister has
been visiting while her human parents move into a new house. I was serious about
the sleep thing being a fav activity.

Fav place to travel?

I haven’t traveled in a while, but I hope to return to the mountains of Tennessee
or Colorado, which were the last two places we vacationed before my late husband
passed away in 2006. Our family shared some wonderful memories in both places.
It’s time to make some new ones.

Fav author you can recommend to our readers

Avril Ashton, hands down. I also love Kendal McKenna. Her books have never

Fav book

Anything written by either of the two authors mentioned above.

Where can we find you and your books?

I can be found all over the place.
Amazon Author Page: 
Evernight Publishing Author Page:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robin.badillo
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/author.tyler.robbins
Twitter: @Robin_Badillo
Image of Tyler Robbins
Thank you for coming to JBR. 
I enjoyed talking to you and we hope to see
you again here on Julies Book Review.

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