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Lets welcome Tarah Scott  to Julie's Book Review. Tarah Scott is giving away a digital copy of My Highland Lord, so don't forget to check out the rafflecopter to the right of the pg.
    Welcome to Julies Book Review. Can you tell me a little about yourself?
Julie, thanks so much for having me! It's wonderful to be here. I’m Tarah Scott, I write Scottish historicals and, occasionally, romantic suspense. I love to read, write, and cook. I have a daughter who just turned fifteen, so I'm holding my breath as to how long I might live. She'll be fine. It's me I'm not too sure about.

    What kind of books do you write? Newest release?
Scottish historicals are my first love and have become my primary focus. I do write contemporary romantic suspense, but suspense tends to creep into most of my work one way or the other. My latest release is My Highland Love, the first book in the Highland Lords series. These books are stand alone, so while you'll get hints of the other books in any one book, you won't get lost if you happen to read them out of order. The second book in the series My Highland Lord is due for release very soon. 
    What should we expect in your book? action, adventure, drama etc.
Action, adventure, drama and, of course, love! The Highland Lords series are big books, with lots of action—both in and out of the bedroom. My Highland Love takes place just after the Regency period in 1825. My Highland Lord is set in the year Queen Victoria is crowned queen, 1837, so the two books vary somewhat in style and dialogue.

    How do you get ideas for your books?
ROFL. Everywhere! It's a nine ring circus here in my head.

    Anything in your stories based on real experiences?
Oh! If only that were true. I have yet to be shipwrecked in Scotland and meet a handsome, rich marquess. Maybe I need to take more cruises? 

    Toughest criticism? Best compliment?
Toughest criticism? Easy, my two critique partners, Kimberly Comeau and Evan Trevane. Everyone gets tough reviews now and again, but when the people you know best show you where you need work, well, that's hard! Best compliment. That's tougher. I think, overall, the best compliments I get are simply when readers tell me they loved the book. If I hear that any of my books go on a readers keeper list, that's about as good as it gets.

    Any advice for aspiring authors?
Read a lot and write even more. Get someone you trust to read your work, and make sure they're kind, but honest. Then write more and more and more. Read a little more too. 

    How about some fun stuff? Favorite past time?
I love to cook, bake especially. Since I love to eat what I make, I'm golden. 
    Dogs or cats or some other pet?
Not currently. We have a wonderful family pet, a jet black cat, we lost some years ago. I haven't had the heart to replace him.
    1 Fav book? why?( or one you can recommend)
A Tale of Two Cities. I adore Dickens. That book is a true masterpiece. More recent, a top favorite is Stephen King's The Green Mile. A modern masterpiece.
    Favorite place to travel?
I have yet to make it to the Florida Keyes. I know I would love it there.
    1 fav author? Why?( or one you can recommend)
Authors of my favorite books, Charles Dickens and Stephen King. 

    Is this your full time job? if yes, anything else you want to do? if no what else do you do?
ROFL. It is a full time job, but I have a second full time job that's 'filling in.' I drive a car for hire to the NY airports. 
    Where can we find you and your books?(links)





    Thank you for coming on Julie's Book Review. I wish you lots of success and hope you and your families all have a Happy New year.

Thank you!

    Have a wonderful Great Year!

    Julie Ramsey


  1. I love books about Highlanders. Thanks for the post, can't wait to read more by Tarah.

  2. Hi Tarah! I've a copy of The Improper Wife & A Knight of Passion waving at me from my TBR pile & looking forward to reading My Highland Lord too

  3. Great Interview! I Love Ms. Scott's Books!

  4. I'm a Highlander freak. Will read anything involving Highlander's LOL! Have not read Tarah Scott's books yet but have them at the top of my list. Other author's I would recommend are Monica McCarty and Hannah Howell and Julianne MacLean.

  5. I have read Tarah Scott, but its been awhile. I would recommend both!


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