Review of Saving Gracie by Terry Lee

Title - Saving Gracie
Author - Terry Lee

Kathryn Broussard was a 59 yr old controlling momma who lived in Houston. Kathryn and her daughter, Gracie had a love/hate relationship. Gracie loved her, she just hated the know it all role that Kathryn played. Gracie valued her mother advise and was even willing to ask for it on many occasions. When Kathryn's exploratory surgery discovers that there is a malignant cluster around her heart, she learns that she will have 6 months to live. Gracie moves Kathryn in and does what any daughter would do to make her comfortable and peaceful.  Kathryn even controls when she takes her last breath!

Upon drawing her last breath, Kathryn felt an inter peace and calmness. . . . when she opened her eyes, her sister Ruth was there waiting, like she promised. Kathryn has passed over to the other side and its nothing like you would think ! Her name has been changed to a Celestial name of Quinlan. She has one thing on her mind GRACIE, she doesn't think she can survive without her.  Kathryn feels something is wrong. Her main focus is getting "back" to the other side. Seeing what Gracie is up to and how she can help or even control what she is doing ???

After the passing of her mother Gracie finds her self missing her mom and seeing her life as "boring". Gracie resorts back to listening to her alter ego's voice 1 and voice 2. Gracie receives a call from the Deaf Education Department seeking volunteers for their summer program, after some thinking she decides to embark on this need 3 week adventure. Will this be just the thing she needs to get her life on track?  During this time a deaf child by the name of Cherry latches on to her and wins Gracie's heart. Her husband Adam up and leaves for a work related business trip and his behavior is just not normal. Her daughter has hit "puberty" and discovered boys and her son Josh is away at camp and sending letters that are just "to happy." We see Grace take control of her life yep there are ups and downs but she is taking it by the horns. Does her mother try to help from the "other side"?

I laughed and cried while reading this one. The "other side" was nothing that I would have pictured it sorta
 had a twilight light twist to it. This is a for sure one sitting read!

Wende Sheets
4 stars

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