Review of Knight of Passion by Tarah Scott

Knight of Passion

Lady Riana would do anything for her sisters safety. With her husband and father dead, there is no one to protect either of them. The Duchess and Duke of Arundel take them in as wards. Riana is made to be a whore and full fill the Duchesses desires. Man after man are sent to her. Riana left with either become a whore or let her sister be taken by the Duke. She does what she has to to protect her sister. Now the Duchess wants her to poison and kill a man sent to her. The Duke and Duchess, in the quest for more power, using Riana's sister as a pawn, force Riana to do the unthinkable. So she will keep the man, and the duchess who is watching, occupied while a friend and her sister escapes. She can do it one last time to protect the one person she loves. Sir Bryant, is not who the Duchess wants dead, but keeping up the rouse to allow time for the escape, they have a night that change both of their lives.

Who doesn't love medieval knights, courage, lust, murder, quests for power, hero's and love? This book really has it all.  You have 2 women put in situations out of there control. A sister forced into a unbelievable position to save the sister she loves. Sir Bryant, just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or from Riana's point of view, the right place and the right time. One night changes both of their lives forever. AWESOME story, even with it being a little short, well worth the read! Thanks Tarah for the GREAT BOOK!

 A Knight of Passion

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