Interview with J.A. Dennam

Lets welcome J. A. Dennam to Julie's Book Review. Ms. Dennam is giving away two free digital copies of her newest novel, TRUTH AND HUMILITY, so don't forget to check out the rafflecopter to the right of the pg.
Welcome to Julies Book Review. Can you tell me a little about yourself?
What kind of books do you write? I write contemporary romantic suspense. Newest release? My newest book, TRUTH AND HUMILITY, which came out in November of 2012, is an edge of your seat kind of romance.
What should we expect in your book? Lots of action, adventure, drama, attitude, fierce rivalry and spontaneous sex.
How do you get ideas for your books? From every day experiences. I take something monotonous and build a complex romantic mystery around it. Can’t stop myself J
Anything in your stories based on real experiences? Yes, I junked and recycled a lot of factory guts one summer almost by myself. Instead of listening to music, I cultivated TRUTH AND HUMILITY in my head where it sat for over a year. How, do you ask, can one make a love story out of junking? He-he!
Toughest criticism? Best compliment? Toughest criticism would have to be my multiple POVs. I just learned from my agent and from a few reviews, you shouldn’t have more than two POVs in a story, but I like getting intimate with a few side characters as well. The best compliment is when people say they’ve lost sleep because they couldn’t put my book down. It shows a flagrant lack of discipline.
any advice for aspiring authors? Self publish then market the hell out of yourself and your book. Your chances of finding an agent or publisher are better with a high Amazon ranking than using the Query system.
How about some fun stuff?Favorite past time? The only activity that pulls me away from a great writing streak is a long motorcycle ride. My Vegas Jackpot and I have a wonderful relationship.
Dogs or cats or some other pet? We just got a new Christmas puppy. A Morkie named Rolo. He’s adorable!
1 Fav book? why?( or one you can recommend) Perfect or Paradise by Judith McNaught. It’s been a while since I’ve read them, but they are my favorite books from my favorite author. Her writing is flawless and the stories stay with you.
Favorite place to travel? My husband and I love Wyoming. The terrain is so diverse it’s like a little America all in one state.
1 fav author? Why?( or one you can recommend) Judith McNaught. Her historical and contemporary stories are equally delicious.
Is this your full time job? if yes, anything else you want to do? if no what else do you do? It is quickly becoming my full time job. I am also a full time mom and, up till recently, I was a full time artist.
Where can we find you and your books?(links) 
 My website is www.JADennam.com. You can find all of my books there along with all available purchase links. You can also read free samples.
Thank you for coming on Julie's Book Review. I wish you lots of success and hope you and your families all have a Happy New year.

Have a wonderful Great Year!

Julie Ramsey

J. A. Dennam
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  2. Great Interview! I look forward to reading this new author to me!


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