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Here's what some other reviews have to say about God's Tribe  
(from a couple reviewers over at Reader's Favorite)


Review Rating: 5 stars!

Reviewed by  for Readers' Favorite

God’s Tribe by L.J. Nance is, as the subtitle aptly suggests, a dystopian tale of redemption, a thrilling read that will mesmerize readers. A story that starts with someone sleeping in a tree already holds huge promise of surprising treats to the reader. Paul is trying to stay alive after the country has been ravaged and reduced to dust by war, when he meets Rebecca, a woman of faith and mysterious powers belonging to the Believer Tribe. She becomes his only hope for survival and healing. Rebecca might have followed the path of faith, and extended goodness and spiritual healing to the broken man, but how about the path of her heart, a lonely heart that throbs powerfully for Paul?

God’s Tribe is an interesting story of love and healing and a connection beyond the physical, a story that will entertain and soothe readers at the same time. In the heart of the story is the powerful message that there is hope in every dismal situation. The pace is fast, and readers are immediately drawn in by the opening scenes and will want to know who the characters are and what becomes of them. Nance’s writing is crisp, peppered with vivid descriptions that add immense beauty to the story without slowing it down in any way. The author has created characters that readers will love dearly, both wounded in some way and allowing the vulnerability of others to lead them towards the path of healing, compassion, and love. A book to be read, re-read, and shared with loved ones, an enriching tale of love, hope, and salvation!



Review Rating: 5 stars!   

Reviewed By Tracy Slowiak for Readers’ Favorite

In a great new work of Christian fiction by author L.J. Nance, readers will be treated to a story that 
is in turns disturbing and uplifting. God's Tribe follows the story of Paul, a scavenger living in a 
nearly post-apocalyptic world, as he is rescued by Rebecca, a member of the Believer tribe. Paul 
needs rescuing in ways that are more than just physical; he needs healing of the soul as well. 
Rebecca finds herself with strong feelings for this relative stranger, but she is unsure if she is strong 
enough to be able to lead him on the right path, of following the truth of the Gospel and towards 
God. Will she and the Believers be able to show Paul the Way? Or will his ideas threaten their very 
way of life? You'll need to read the book to find out.

I very much enjoyed God's Tribe. Author L.J. Nance has done a great job in creating characters that 
readers will be able to connect with, will care about, and will continue to think of long after the last 
page has been read. If that isn't a hallmark of a great author, I'm not sure what is. The Christian 
message of the story is up front and is presented in an exciting and thrilling format. Any reader who 
enjoys Christian fiction or stories with a dystopian feel should absolutely read this book. I am 

pleased to recommend God's Tribe and look forward to reading more from author L.J. Nance!

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