Aimee Martin Day 5

*Infrequent use of very mild adult language* 
*Some mild adult situations* 
"Inspirational author, Aimee Martin, with her polished and down to earth style draws you in to a beautiful, emotional tale so true to life you get the sense you are hearing the story over coffee with the girl next door." Leah Lawrence, contributing writer for the Messianic Times 
Sometimes childhood dreams come true. They did for Brinley Lambert. Hard work and study saw her climbing to the heights as a young actress until a horrible accident took the life of someone she loved and her dream became a nightmare. 
Faith shouldn't be fragile, but Brinley's died in that accident and she buried it along with her best friend's coffin. When she said goodbye to Annie Cross, she closed the door on God and any desire for a future filled with love and happiness. But a handsome stranger in a Stetson strolled into her life and showed her that things are not always as they seem...
An atheist woman. A Christian man. 
And an unforeseen enemy that can bring them together… 
or tear them apart forever. 
Faith. For Melanie Moore, faith was nothing more than a useless word, valuable only to those of the faint-of-heart. And with everything life had thrown at her, Mel was anything but cowardly. Rely on yourself. Trust no one. Those rules kept her walls up, her heart guarded and her life uncomplicated. 
Alex Lambert sees more in Melanie than she's willing to believe, despite her troubled past. He sees a future filled with faith and love. She tries to push him away, but Alex is a Navy man. Quitting isn't in his vocabulary. He will stop at nothing, do whatever it takes to see that Melanie learns to trust again. And to fall in love with him... heart, mind and body. 
As Alex and Melanie work on turning her disbelief into belief, their relationship blooms and grows stronger every day. They say time can mend a broken soul but time may be a luxury Melanie and Alex don't have. 
**Some mild adult language** 
**Some adult situations** 
**Not suitable for readers under 18 due to limited violent flashbacks** 
Once burned, twice shy..... 

Allyson Marx thought she was finished with men when she divorced her no-good, cheating ex-husband. Independent and cynical, she was determined to put any and all thoughts of the opposite sex behind her and focus on her future. Alone. Until he showed up. 

Aaron Lambert had no idea when he walked in on his wife sleeping with another man that he'd end up in Montana. A Texan through and through, he had no choice but to seek out the intriguing Ally Marx and hope and pray that she'd help him find his way through this new and exciting place she called home. 

As they learn more about each other, and wrestle with the strong feelings growing between them, they both have to face their past demons. Can they learn to trust again? Or will they be destined to end up lonely for the rest of their lives? 

As they fight to accept the love that's blossoming, and already hanging on by a thread, they're faced with another threat. One that has death on his mind. 

**Intended for readers 18 and over** 
**Infrequent, mild adult language** 
**Some mild adult situations**

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