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FROM SABLE HUNTER – – Cowboys and firemen are both special breeds of men. Sexy. Strong. Put them together and what do you have? A hot-as-hell hero, one that will make you burn! 12-Alarm Cowboys is a boxset which includes a dozen smoking hot stories of cowboys who also brave the flames to come to the aid of those in need. These all new novels are penned by twelve New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. For 99 cents, this is a steal of a deal. My contribution to this sizzling collection is called TEXAS WILDFIRE and here’s the cover.

I chose to set my story near to where I live, but I wanted some place special… and different. Compared to where I was born and raised, Austin is big-city living for me. I’m a small town girl and as I told you all in a recent blog I wrote about my friend, Jerry, the fire department that I used to help with was all volunteer. So, when I was hunting a locale to set my book, I decided to head west into the more rural part of the Hill Country and I found the perfect place – the Devil’s Backbone. It sits between Wimberley and Blanco and is just the kind of setting I like. It’s rugged, scenic and mysterious. This is how it looks.

There’s a serpentine ridge of the Balcones Fault which has reared its head up from the surrounding limestone, creating a high rocky spine that is graced on every side by tree-covered hills and valleys. Canyon Lake, the Blanco River and the Guadalupe cut through, dotting the landscape with vibrant blue. The trees are juniper and scrub oak, giving the area a particularly wild appearance. Not too many weeks ago, there was a devastating flash flood which crashed through, causing the Blanco River to rise 40 feet in just hours, sweeping homes away and uprooting trees, downing bridges and bringing devastation and destruction to many. I decided to write that into the opening scenes of my book, showing how the first responders were called upon to help their community. This area is also known for its wildfires, fueled by heat and drought, they can be sustained and heightened by the dry grass and the sap from the evergreen cedars and junipers which can be as flammable as turpentine. Not too many years ago, there was an outbreak of wildfires in the area, so what I’ve written is not only possible – but probable.

Excerpt from Texas Wildfire by Sable Hunter

“No, go slip on your bikini. We’re going swimming.”
She remembered the spring he’d mentioned. Makenna had no idea what it would be like, she kept picturing a stream of water shooting up out of a few rocks like a water sprinkler. As much as she was anticipating the scenery, the prospect of seeing Titan skinny-dip was a bigger draw. Digging in the bag of clothing he’d brought along, she was dismayed to find out he’d left off the scarf-like cover-up Allie had loaned her. The bikini wasn’t the most revealing she’d ever seen, but there would be an awful lot more of Makenna showing than she was used to. “You can do it,” she encouraged herself. This isn’t Damien, this Titan.
Changing clothes in the comfortable bathroom, she recalled his hands on her breasts. He’d said he couldn’t wait to get his mouth on her. She shivered in anticipation. When he smiled, her world lit up and the way he looked at her made her feel so special, which unfortunately reminded her of all the ways she wasn’t. When he’d asked about the intimate relationship she’d shared with Damien, Makenna had told him she couldn’t speak of it. Damien’s sexual pleasure had been tied directly to her pain. What he’d done, the methods of his satisfaction, Makenna pushed to the far reaches of her mind. She wanted to forget, she wanted to begin anew with Titan. She wanted to know what it was like to be with him.
Once she was dressed, Makenna stood in front of the mirror and stared at herself. Damien would say she looked fat. Her husband enjoyed criticizing her. She knew she wasn’t model skinny, but Titan seemed to like the way she looked.
“You can’t get any more beautiful than you are, Makenna.” Titan called from the other side of the door.
She smiled, that man always seemed to say the right thing. Taking a deep breath, she grabbed the biggest towel she could find, wrapped it around herself and went to meet Titan.
When he saw her coming, he hid a smile. If she thought that terry-cloth towel was going to deter him, she was barking up the wrong tree.
“I was beginning to think you’d gotten lost,” he muttered, eyeing her appreciatively.
“That would be hard in a two room house, Cowboy.” She held on to the ends of the towels like they were a life preserver and she was being tossed in a stormy sea. “I was just having second thoughts about this swimsuit.”
“I’ve been having second thoughts about it too…and thirds…and fourths.” He pushed his hat back on his head and crossed his big arms over that chest she thought should be a national monument.
“I know you’ve seen me in it before, but I’d had several margaritas at the time. I was basking in a false sense of fashion security.” Even as she grumbled, she was moving closer to him. “Just don’t look at me too close. This belongs to Allie and it’s about two sizes too small.”
“Well, if it’s bothering you, when we get to the spring, you can take it off.”
Titan’s matter-of-fact solution made Makenna laugh. “I can’t win with you, can I?”
Putting an arm around her waist, he guided her toward the door. “Au contraire, my dear. You’ll win with me every damn time.”
For some reason, she was beginning to believe him.
A ten minute walk took them from the front porch of the cabin to the very edge of one of the foothills. “These limestone hills are riddled with caves and springs,” Titan remarked as they came upon the first outcroppings of rocks.
“Yea, I’ve seen some of them,” Makenna answered. “There’s a small one near the house where a stream of water flows from a crack in the rocks about nine months out of twelve. I call it the ‘squirrel shower’. I’ve always envisioned walking up one day and seeing a squirrel standing on his back legs, washing under his arms with a little loofah.”
Titan threw back his head and laughed. “I love being with you.” He held her hand as they traversed some rough ground. “Careful. Not too much farther.”
Makenna didn’t know what she’d been expecting, but this wasn’t it. This was no pond in the pasture. Titan led her into the mouth of a small cave. Her eyes widened as she saw the opening was much smaller than the cavern they entered. “It’s breathtaking,” she whispered.
“This is my own private paradise,” he beamed. “Only a handful of people know about this place. My uncle kept the location of this spring pretty much to himself and I’ve followed suit.”
Her eyes mapped the magical place. Enough light shone through the opening so she could see a deep pool of crystal clear water. Bubbles decorated the top as water flowed into the cave from an underground aquifer. “I love it,” she breathed reverently. “It makes me think of those tropical grottos I’ve seen in movies.”
“This pool feeds the Blanco River through an underground stream. Cave divers have tried to follow the path, but it’s too narrow.”
Makenna was listening, but mostly she was watching. As he’d promised, Titan hadn’t brought clothes to change into. Instead, he began to strip. “Is the water warm?” she asked, trying not to stare. She found a large flat rock to sit on. No way was she getting in the water first.
“It’s not a hot spring by any means, but the water is comfortable.” His signature white cowboy shirt went first, revealing a chest which rose powerfully from lean hips. She let her gaze slide over massive shoulders, then down over the bulge of his biceps. If she didn’t know how gentle he could be, Titan’s size would’ve made her nervous. Damien had always used his strength against her, but Titan would use his to defend her.
The boots, socks and jeans went next until he was down to a pair of grey boxer briefs. The light in the cave was dimmer, but she could clearly see the outline of his cock. He was aroused. When he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear and began to push down, Makenna’s breath hitched in her throat. Her gaze darted up to his eyes and she saw he was watching her closely. “Do you want me to leave them on? I can.”
“No, it’s okay.” She was acting silly. Just last night, she’d held him in her hand. In her mouth. “I want to…” Enunciating what she wanted to do was impossible. “Sorry, the cat’s got my tongue I guess.”
“Lucky cat.” The material bulged as his hands worked beneath the soft cotton, revealing the solid length of his manhood little by little. Each time she thought there would be an end to it, an additional inch was revealed until the broad head lay throbbing against his thigh.
Makenna couldn’t help but stare, realizing he was too heavy to stand upright. She gulped, her insides clenching. Allie had wondered if the size of his cock matched the rest of him, now she could tell her for sure it did. The sight of him caused her body to respond. She felt her nipples tighten and her pussy soften.
“Ready?” He held out his hand and she took it, rising.
“I think so.” Makenna knew he was speaking of more than just a dip in the spring. He stepped in first, never letting go of her.
“There’s a gentle slope. It starts out about three feet and the deepest part is a little over my head. Can you swim?”
“Yes.” She hissed a little as the silky waters lapped at her legs. “Feels good.” Makenna smiled and followed him into the depths, dog paddling to stay afloat. Because of the differences in their height, what was shoulder level to him was over her head.
“Come here, let me support you.” He pulled her into his arms, seeing her momentary surprise. “I need to kiss you, Makenna. Will you let me?” When she clutched his shoulders and he felt the brush of his legs with hers, he knew she was willing. Propping his thumb under her chin, he held her ready for the descent of his mouth. Titan gently fitted his lips to hers, using his tongue to tease the soft seam of her lips. When she parted them, he accepted her invitation, delving inside with his tongue, glorying in the sweet taste of her. She went limp against him and he gathered her close, the weight of her breasts an erotic temptation. “Can we take off your bikini? I want to feel you naked against me?”
“Okay, just know I’m going to go on a diet.” She reached behind her back.
“You don’t need to go on a damn diet.” Titan collared her throat with his palms, kissed her hard, then let his hands smooth down to remove the top when she’d undone the clasp. “Lord, girl, your breasts are magnificent,” he breathed the words out like a prayer. “Today, when you let me touch them, I almost came in my pants.”
“I want you to touch me, and kiss them.” The words almost stuck in her mouth, she wasn’t used to making sexual suggestions. But Titan didn’t seem to mind, his focus was one hundred percent on the mounds of female flesh he held in his hands. She watched him lick his lips as he caressed them, pushing them together, flicking the nipples with his fingers.
“God, baby, I want you so much.” Before she knew what was happening, he’d lifted her to sit on the side of the natural pool, stepping in between her outspread legs. Her breasts swung in his face, Makenna wanted to cross her arms over them but the look of adoration in his eyes changed her mind. When he drew closer, her nipple brushed his mouth. She moaned when he caught it between his lips, her breath leaving her body in a rush. His hands came up to hold her around the waist as he began to suck at her nipple. “Titan,” she whispered as her mind processed the pleasure she was feeling. There was no pain, she had no fear he would bite down. Even when his teeth scraped the sensitive flesh, Makenna understood he would never hurt her. Giving herself over to his control, she learned the ecstasy that could be found at a man’s mouth at her breast.
Titan’s hands slid up to frame her tits, he rubbed them, molded them, letting his fingers memorize their womanly shape. How often he’d dreamed of doing this, gorging himself on her beauty, satisfying his hunger for her. When her hands came to hold his head, he opened his mouth wider forcing more of her breast into his mouth. Suckling her hard, he lashed the sweet nipple as it swelled on his tongue.
As he nibbled the succulent flesh with his lips, he felt her tense, so he gentled her by working her other nipple with his fingers, milking it until she was moving restlessly. “Turned on, baby?” Soft pants and surprised squeaks of pleasure was his answer. If her response was any gauge, Makenna loved it when he used his lips to gently grind and nip on the tender tips. She groaned when he suckled her, drawing hard on the sensitive nub. And she seemed to enjoy when he worked her tits in time with his fingers while he tugged on her nipples with his mouth.
“Titan, I need something…”
Titan knew exactly what she needed. “Lie back, honey. Let me get rid of these.” He pulled her bottoms down her legs and off, lying them to one side. “Now, move forward. Are you comfortable?”
“Yes, I just ache,” she whimpered.
Makenna was reclining on solid rock, but it was smooth as silk from years of running water. A lone shaft of sunlight illuminated the place where she lay, making her seem like a pagan goddess he was here to worship. When he parted her thighs and looked at her for the first time, he growled in absolute awe. “You’ve got the prettiest pussy.” It was lush like the rest of her, the delicate inner lips just beginning to unfurl like a petal with her arousal. A couple of glistening drops of cream clung to the soft brown down that shadowed her mound in a sweet landing strip. Unable to resist, Titan scooped one pearly drop on his finger watching it shimmer against his darker flesh. Holding her gaze, he brought the finger to his mouth, curling his tongue around the pearly drop, groaning as her unique flavor spread over his tongue. “I knew you’d be sweet, love.”
Her eyes sparkled and the pink on her cheeks flushed scarlet. “Titan, what…?”
“Shhh, let me.” Sliding his hands under her hips, he tugged her closer until he could brush her pussy with his lips. To his shock, he saw momentary fear flare in her violet eyes. He felt her draw up. “What is it, Makenna?” He saw her small white teeth grasp her lower lip, but she said nothing, just fisted her hands next to her sides and braced herself. “Talk to me, baby. I just want to make you feel good. What’s wrong?” Titan feathered kisses on the inside of her thigh, soothing his lips across the silky skin.
“You won’t bite me there, will you?”
Titan froze, rage swelling in his heart. “God help me, I’ll put the bastard in his grave for this.” She didn’t answer, nor did she move. Makenna held his gaze, placing her trust in him. Titan vowed she would never be sorry. “No baby, I won’t bite you. I just want to make you feel good, kiss you a little.” Slowly and reverently, he tongued her folds, petting her with lips and hands. Teasing Makenna with his tongue, he lapped at her slit with light flicks, pressing deeper until he could spear the moist inner core of her womanhood. “That’s it baby, just let it happen.”
Titan’s was rewarded by her whimpers, her gasps were coming in a constant cadence. The delicate flesh beneath his tongue was swelling and her pussy was getting wetter, teasing him with the knowledge he was pleasing his woman.
Wanting more, Titan pulled her closer, pushing his tongue deeper, licking faster and faster. Now she was moving her hips, seeking more, pressing against him. He felt his cock jerk in response, it pulsed with the same rhythm action as his mouth. Nuzzling his face deeper into her pussy, he found her clit and lapped at it gently, slowly upping the speed and pressure until she was arching against him. “Titan!” The sensitive little bundle of nerves swelled against his tongue and she spurted, a fresh flow of cream rewarding his efforts. “Baby, I just want to eat you up.”
Titan’s heart felt full. He longed for everything she had to give, and he needed her to offer it to him freely. Slipping a finger into her channel, he began to work it in and out. “Oh, you’re so tight.” Her inner muscles clamped down on him, making him welcome. Taking her clit between his lips, he sucked it with tenderness while still finger-fucking her little hole.
“Ti, Ti, Ti,” she chanted an abbreviated version of his name. Her breathing was faster, her whimpers almost too silent to hear. “I need you so. Please. Please.”
Wanting to bring her ecstasy, he quickened the pace, increasing the pressure. Adding a second finger, Titan made love to her with his mouth. Her passion was building, he could feel it. When her hips began to buck, he held her still, sucking with his lips, lashing with his tongue. Even when she cried out, he held her to him, eating her out as she jerked and spasmed. When she tried to pull away, he wouldn’t allow it, knowing he could make her feel even better. “I want another,” he growled, laving and loving her until another stronger climax hit. Her sweet pussy contracted, milking his finger while her sweet juices coated his tongue.
Makenna went limp. She lay there panting while this giant of a man paid homage to her. Titan made her feel desired and that was the greatest gift of all. Holding her arms out, she welcomed him close. Rubbing against him, she lifted her face for his kiss. He wanted her, there was no denying it, she could feel his desire for her thrumming under his skin. Makenna didn’t understand how someone like him could really want someone like her, but she would count her blessings. Whatever he needed, she vowed to try and give it to him.
Lifting her to a seated position, Titan sought her mouth. Anchoring her against him, his kiss grew hotter and bolder. “I want you so much.”
She twined her arms around his neck, his mouth was wild and hungry. She could taste herself on his tongue and the realization made her feel even more cherished. Makenna moaned when his teeth grazed her neck as he sucked at the tender pulse point. “Show me, Titan.”
“Finally,” he whispered as he wrapped her in the towel. They laughed as he tried to struggle into his jeans. Once they were decent, he picked her up and carried her back to the cabin, kissing her every step of the way. “Let’s go inside to a bed so I can do this right.”
She smiled against his chest. “Honestly, I can’t imagine you doing it any other way.”

12 Alarm Cowboys 

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