Linda Picl

Angelea's Dreams of Yesterday by Linda Picl

Nothing short of a miracle will convince Angelea she’s the person everyone claims she is. She thought she was just waking up from a nightmare, but her nightmare is just beginning. Her doctor tells her she’s someone named Angel Bennett, someone she’s never heard of and the bruises on her body tell her something horrendous has happened to her, but what? That’s something no one can figure out.
Nate Matthews knows who Angelea really is. She’s his lover and he’d hoped his future wife. But when she awakens in the hospital after a routine surgery and she claims she’s married to a man named Alexander from a time long ago, he knows they will both be up against something no one has ever had to face before. Maybe something evil. How will he convince the love of his life she is not married to a pirate?

“I’m not sleeping in there, it looks like a valentine card threw up all over that room.” She threw him a slight grin and turned to drop the pillow and blankets she clutched on the couch.
Nate exploded with laughter, “Thank you I’ve been telling you that for years, maybe now we can change it?”
“You can if you want, I’m not stepping foot in that room, and it’s all yours.”
Forgetting the situation for a split second he told her, “Babe you don’t like to sleep out here, it’s drafty and noisy. You always complain about it.”
Then it hit him. The reason she refused the bedroom was not the d├ęcor…it was him.
Her next statement confirmed his fears, “No the couch will be fine thanks.” He felt the air rush out of his lungs and his heart crush in his chest. The night she was in the hospital was the longest night of his life, he missed her so much. Now she wasn’t sick and gone, she didn’t want to sleep with him and refused of her own free will.
“You don’t mean that? Really?” He never had to before but now he was pleading with her. Raw pain filled his eyes. This couldn’t be happening. They’d worked so hard to get their relationship to this point and now it somehow evaporated right before his eyes.
“Yes, I’m sorry I do.” He could tell she tried to sooth things over and understand his feelings when she replied.
“Listen Nate, I know, I know we’ve been together forever but in truth I just met you. I’m not kidding when I say that. I can’t jump in bed with you. I am sorry. But the couch will be fine for now unless you want to take it.” He was beyond furious and had an angry fiery look in his eyes that made her cautious of what she said next. What he didn’t want her know was the truth…he was heartbroken.
He dropped the bag of food on the kitchen table, “Fine, here’s lunch, enjoy.” He turned, grabbed his keys and with out a look back in her direction slammed the door on his way out of the apartment. He literally shook everything in the place to its foundation, including her.
He wondered what he was going to do now as he headed to his car. Everything they’d worked for and built was suddenly gone. Their life together obliterated in one day.

About the Author 
Linda L. Picl was born in 1955 and got her love of reading from spending time in a tiny library under a police station in a small town in Illinois. That tiny room opened up a new world of books. From there she went on to work at many of the libraries in suburbs all around Chicago, then on to Indiana. Thinking it was an easy process she went on to write. Finding out it was harder than it looked she still went on to produce her first book Next Time Love Comes.And there are more to follow.

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