Barbi Barnard

Mercy's Angels by Barbi Bernard  
To be released August 10 2015


“Tiff…right?” he says. “Would you be so kind as to push that little button under the bar for me?”
Now it’s my turn to stare oddly. “How do you know about my button?”
He glares at me and swears on his life he is going to hell tonight. “I installed that button,” he yells. “Now push it four times, wait a few seconds, then push it again.”
His angry voice has gotten everyone’s attention, and I’m pushing that button for all I am worth.
Giant Two pats him on the back and tells him, “Your boots are older than her. You need to cut her some slack.”
It doesn’t take long for the back doors to swing open and I see Momma standing there. She is dressed to impress. A black corset trimmed in red lace, blue jeans, and her high heeled boots. Her hair is hanging down below her butt in large curls. You can see bits of red through the blonde when the lights hit it just right. Her makeup is perfect and her eyes are smoky. She looks around the room and takes it all in.
You really can’t tell what she’s thinking from looking at her. She smiles when she notices Giant One sitting at the bar.
“Will the Angels have mercy on me tonight?” she sing-songs in a tone that catches the attention of every person in the place. Every head in the room turns to see what’s going on. The jukebox is turned off and you can hear a pin drop.
Three men and Giant One stand. They turn in Momma’s direction and like a practiced move drop to one knee. “May mercy be blessed on the Angel before me,” they all say together.
I gasp along with every other woman in the room. Never before have I heard of something like this. Momma is smiling a huge smile. Girls are pleading with their eyes for someone to tell them the same. Men are wondering what’s going on.

 Author Bio
Barbi Barnard is a native of North Louisiana. Married with grown children. And a growing amount of Grandchildren (eleven at last count). Barbi went to college after the youngest started school and has a degree in Office Management and Accounting. Barbi loves to spend time with her family. With such a large family a revolving door would help as there are always people coming and going in the Barnard house. The need to read books was instilled at a young age as it was the preferred pastime of the adults that influenced her life.

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