AJ Storm

"His finger trekked down across her forehead and on to her nose. He loved her small nose and let his finger stop long enough to make small circles on the tip. He then continued on to her lips. Such yielding and pliable lips made his loins twitch. He brushed back and forth across the seam, and she opened and sucked his finger into her mouth. He heard a tiny moan as she wrapped her tongue around his finger. A low growl answered her moan. Her tongue released his finger, letting him continue his exploration of her body. It was wet, trailing over the delicate chin to the slope of her throat and down where her silky brown hair fell between her cleavage. “Mmm…what’s under all this beautiful hair?”His finger brushed across the top of her breasts, pushing the hair out of the way. Two perky pink nipples stood proudly above soft pliable globes begging to be touched. A deep, sensuous chuckle came from his throat as his finger drew circles around each pebbled tip. Her back arched toward his body when his finger continued down, gently lifting each globe as if preparing to taste. However, his wayward finger resumed its journey to her tummy, drawing big rings around her belly button. He made sure he hit all her ticklish spots, wanting to witness her muscles twitch and jump at his touch. “Alec, you are driving me fucking crazy.”“Good. I don’t intend to stop.”After teasing her tummy unmercifully, he gently drew a line down to the top of her naked mound where he refused to move and slowly tapped nonstop. When it appeared she couldn’t take any more, his hand gently grabbed her entire pussy and held it. “My prize…my woman…MINE.”"

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