Review - Blood Redemption (Blood Curse #5) by Tessa Dawn

Saber Alexiares is from the house of Jaegar- Dark Ones. Cursed to only walk at night , drink blood and kill, bearing children with the woman dying a most horrendous death. Caught by the house of Jadon and sentenced to die by Sunlight. But he does not die. He is the missing infant 800 years prior. Stolen by Damien and raised with no conscious. Child to Rafael and Lorna Dzuna house of Jadon. Can he overcome 800 years of living as Dark One? Let go of his anger? Nothing worth having is easy, as all are about to have to come to terms with.

Vanya Demir is one of The Originals. One of two who saw what had transpired to cause the curse.
She is Pure of Light. Working in Romania on the old magic , she decides to visit her sister and her nephew. Once there, the Sky revealed Serpens Blood Moon and that she is Saber's Destiny. They have 30 days to convert Vanya and for her to bear him twins or he dies a most horrendous death. But no one not even Vanya wants to get close to the monster in the cell who would kill her with no remorse.
Can her pure white light reach him before it is to late or will Saber come to terms with his origins, being from the house of Jadon.

If you are looking for a light book to read this book is not for you. If you are looking for a book with Grit and Depth than this book is for you!
You know you are reading a book written by a Great Author when your emotions are all over the place.
When you have to put the book down just to get your emotions in check. When you have to put a book down just to get your breathing back to normal.
These Vampyr's are not your run of the mill, there is no other Vampyr book(s) out there that even come close to this book.

At first I really disliked Saber and felt sorry for Vanya. Than I felt sorry for Saber and all that he could have been if he had not been kidnapped. Than I really disliked Saber again. Back and forth I wrestled with my emotions. Very intense writing by Tessa Dawn pulled me into the story and never let me go.
There were some great sayings in this book, some that make you cry and some that you just laugh out loud and your family thinks you are losing it.
*** Spoiler Alert ***
1 - Don't you have a pole to dance around"?
2-"Been there done that tossed the tee-shirt"!
3-"Damn...need attention much?"
4-Buy some Clairol for that hair"!
5-When Saber says, "Be well...mother."
6-When Nachari says, "This is our house..."
7-When Rafael calls Saber on his anger, and he (Saber) asks him why they never searched for him...
The Bar scene is flat out falling off your chair laughing so hard!
This is not a HEA, I mean really 800 years of depravity does not change in 2-3 mnths. The ending is very touching and powerful and I am sure we will see more of these 2 as Saber becomes more humane, with the help of Vanya and their Son and the rest of the house of Jadon.
I give this book 5 Stars, but really one can not count all the stars in the Night Sky, that would be the real amount of Stars I would give this Book.
5 Stars

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