Review for- Blood Destiny (Blood Curse #1) by Tessa Dawn

Back in 800 BC in Romania two brothers 1 evil, 1 honorable both cursed.
The House of Jaegar cursed to walk at night only, Wholly Evil.
The House of Jadon cursed also but with 4 mercies.... Brothers of the Light.

Jocelyn Levi is an agent for ICE. and is working on human trafficking. She is in the Rocky Mountains on a tip from her source. What she stumbles across is horrifying.
As she runs through the Rocky Mountains Nathaniel Silivasi hears her scream of pain. He quickly sets out to find the human, what he finds is more than he bargained for.
Nathaniel Silivasi is from the House of Jadon, he is a Vampyr but one who walks in the day, he has a very strong code of honor.
The Blood Moon appears with the stars aligned into Cassiopeia, that is Nathanile's Birth Constellation a mark appears on Jocelyn's left wrist identifying her as Nathaniel's Destiny. He has 30 days to get Jocelyn to accept him and his peoples lives or he will die a most horrendous death.
With Lycan's aka Hunter's in Moon Vale and the Alpha Lycan wants Jocelyn for himself. Than Valentine Jaegar is after all those that mean anything to the Silivasi "House of Jadon" brothers, he has already killed the younger brother. All Nathaniel wants to do is cherish is destiny, he has waited over 1000 years for her. One wrong choice on her part and all could be lost.

This Dark Fantasy Vampyr book is Outstanding, Awesome, One of a Kind!
I was blown away by this authors writing style, she is 1 of my top authors to read.
I loved everything about this book, it is so not for the weak stomached. This book has depth and grit. Blood and More Blood!!
I really really liked this new take on Vampires, so out of the box , I swear Tessa Dawn blew that box away!
The ohh so hot Silivas Brothers are a girls dream come true!

I had a few favorite scenes and sayings in this book.
***Vampyrs don't get headaches.
***Batman and Robin were not vampyrs.
***It was like asking someone to lay down on a razor.
*** "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
***Can you imagine a fish asking, What if I don't like water? Or a bird saying, what if I don't want to fly?
If you really want to read a book that will put all others to shame than this is the book for you. I promise it will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, laughing, crying, yelling, closing your eyes while trying to read!


  1. I love this series.With Dark Fantasy, this was my first of this Genre and wow, what a Book, grabbed me and never let go!

  2. sighs I simply adore the whole Blood Curse series but Blood Father took me and shook me right up, so raw, so vulnerable and so EPIC
    Thank ye kindly for having Tessa <3

  3. ***Vampyrs don't get headaches. <---- One of my favorite conversations!! Ha! Great Post! Thanks for writing about one of my favorite authors.

  4. Thanks for sharing your great review with us. I love this series..there's nothing else like it.

  5. Also my first Dark Fantasy read, and I was hooked. I love the Blood Curse Series, and Tessa!! Thank you for this wonderful review for Tessa. :)

  6. Dark Fantasy. Vampires with bite...This series blows you away and you just hope it is to Dark Moon Vale....

  7. Ahhhhh...yes...the one that started it all!! This book was a fantastic introduction to a great series and a great group of characters. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Great review!

  8. This is an awesome series. Thanks for featuring Tessa Dawn and her wonderful beginning book to the Blood Curse series. Was hooked from the get go!


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