Review for Blog only- Blood Shadows (Blood Curse #4) by Tessa Dawn

Nachari Silivasi is the youngest surviving brother to the Silivasi Brothers. He is A wizard with powers unlike any others. He is also a Warrior. When the King Napoleon is almost lost to them Nachari steps in and puts himself in the dark abyss to save the King he is tortured beyond anything one can believe or dream up. Four months of daily torture and yet he still clings to hope that he will be saved.
Deanna is having nightmares of torture by demons, she regularly draws her dreams , all are of the same man. She must find out who this man is, one of her drawings lead her to Dark Moon Vale Clinic. Little does she know her life will never be the same. She learns there really are Vampyrs and Demons. She must find the courage to believe or Nachari's life will be forfeit. With the help of the Silivasi Brothers and Their Wifes Deanna and Nachari may find the strength to to beat the Evil Lurking everywhere even in their own mist.

I have read all the Blood Curse Books and am not patient about waiting for the next. I have learned that with Tessa Dawn's Books it really is worth the very longggg wait.
Nachari and Deanna story is so beautiful, haunting gritty and just a whole other take on Vamps!! She never fails to produce a book that will stay with you long after you have read it, or books that you will reread often. This Book lives up to all my expectations and more. I knew there was a reason for Kristina being turned. Even in book 1 I felt like Saber (Bad Dude) was more then what was written about him!
Thank you for that Ms. Dawn! This book delivers the Awesome and Fantastic Writings of Ms. Tessa Dawn who in my opinion needs to be more well known as her writings bring Paranormal/ Vampire/Romance /Sex to a whole other level that writers need to step up their own games to keep up with MS. Dawn

And Sadly now the wait for Book 4 Blood Redemption!

5 STARS ( because I can't give a 10)!


  1. I love these stories of Tessa Dawn. Fantastic Writing!

  2. Nachari is my Favorite!!!! Love the mystical way Ms Dawn presents him. Such an riveting book and the series allows me to live in another world for a few!

  3. Ahhh...the amazing green eyed wizard! Loved this book! Thanks for sharing your great review Julie!!!!


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