Review for- Blood Awakening (Blood Curse #2) by Tessa Dawn

Marquis Silivasi is an Ancient Warrior. He is the head of his family and all that entails of Vampires with Strong Human Emotions. He feels a failure as he wasn't able to save his youngest brother Shelby from the curse that plagues the House of Jadon. When he is finally able to visit his brothers grave, he lets loose with emotions that wreak havoc on all the elements, causing wide spread destruction. Yet it is these very emotions that lift a spell put on one of the Original Celestial Beings."Ciopori". As he looks at her he remembers dreams these past 1500 yrs, they are of her. He knows every nuance about her. Ciopori recognizes this Strong Proud Warrior from her dreams. The chemistry is immediate. The love and attraction is instantaneous.

While awaiting for his Sign from the Heavens, A Blood Red Moon with his Constellation to appear, he must deal with a human woman under his families protection " Kristina". Wow, is she ever weak when it comes to her boyfriend who degrades her and beats her. This will be the last time per Marquis. Kristina offers up herself to save this lowlife, of course that only makes Marquis madder than a bull in the ring with a red cape. He takes her to the House of Jadon's clinic for medical attention. Guess what , yup you got it, A Blood Red Moon with his Constellation appears in the skys and on Kristinas arm.

All hell breaks loose, Marquis can not even fathom being with such a weak willed woman. Kristina can not stand him, he is overbearing always right and makes everyone obey him. Not to mention he is one scary ass dude.

Ciopori can not believe that her arm is not marked with Marquis Constellation. She must see and talk with him before he takes Kristina as his Destiny. Wow do things get hot and heavy, smexy like!! Yet they must walk away from each other or Marquis will die in 30 days like his younger brother for not fulfilling the curse.

My Thoughts:

Marquis is the most pain in the ass man, intense never laughing always right. Very non-likeable, egotistical Vampire/Man. I mean in book ,1 I was ready to take him out myself. If I had ever met him, I am sure he would have sewn my mouth shut and made me his puppet. Not a dam thing to like about this guy. Than Ciopori shows up and I start to see another side to him , still tho not really liking this guy.
Kristina gets added to the mix and oh my, really really do not like him.

Than "Tessa" the Author throws a whammy at me! I start to really see him with all his pain and loneliness and what he has been through the last 1500 years. Damn, okay now I am starting to sympathize for the guy. Add a very evil vampire to mix and Marquis looks like a lamb with pointy teeth!!
I am not giving away anything else from this wonderful, amazing book. To many subjects and I would spoil the milk for you. You are just gonna have to read it.
Welllllllll if you can handle Dark Fantasy, this book is not for everyone, you must have a strong digestion for all things that go bump in the night and day and ohh blood, death (not the nice die in your sleep kind)!


  1. I really loved learning about Marquis. He is so weighted down by life in general. Ciopori Original Celestial Beings. That was such a unexpected turn. One that I really liked!

  2. Another great review!! I really enjoy reading your thoughts about one of my favorite series!!

  3. Again a great review. Love these characters, the series, and Tessa!!

  4. Great Review. Marquis is such a grump but, there is not another male that is more loyal to his family than him. I loved this book.

  5. I love the book - I love the series - I still don't like Marquis (lol) I am a big fan of Tessa Dawn's work. The new take on vampires, the rich emotional environment, and the awesome way she can make a jerk be a hero all make for a fantastic read.

  6. Very nice!! Marquis is definitely complex. He reminds me of a friend of mine who is also the eldest of his siblings. Very loyal but at times overbearing and at the end of the day...the most loyal man to family and friends you'll meet. Like my friend...Marquis' siblings know well how to "handle" him...lol. As does his destiny. But..like Marquis...you can't tell him that...LOL! Thanks for sharing this review!!


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