Review - Blood Father (Blood Curse #6) by Tessa Dawn

I am in awe of Tessa Dawns writing skills. She is a masterful story teller. A Bard or Seanache or Raconteur would easily fit Author Tessa Dawn.

This Dark Fantasy book is so well written it leaves the reader in a Jumble Of Feelings. Thoughts all woven together. Feeling so overwhelmed and lost as the story is done. You have no idea what to do, say, think, feel.
So here I am the day after finishing this book, and all I want to do is re-read this wonderful story. Yet trying to write a review. Expressing myself, trying to put the words together as to make a coherent review.
Yet I am stumped. I am not an Author, I don't know how to put words together so that they make you feel such strong emotions as to why you should get this book or start this series. I can only try as a reader to get all this across.

I came across this Author and Book 1 when it was first published. This was so not my usual genre. I was thinking okay another Vampire Book. I will give it a try as it sounded different, from such an overly populated subject.
Was I ever glad I did! Despite the very graphic scenes I was hooked. I will tell you this I turned on every light in the house , made sure all doors and windows were locked. Didn't go out after dark for a very long time!!

Book 2 came out. I had liked her Author Page and clicked on release notice, as well as liked her on Goodreads. I was in awe, this author was not a 1 hit wonder. Her characters were so well rounded, the plots so well laid out, and all that hotness from the males!! The women were strong & independent. Not the wishy washy insecure females that so many others seem to write about. You will need a strong constitution, to read these books. Very Graphic in all ways, not for anyone just wanting a Love Story, G or PG or R. Rating.
I became a devote Tessa Dawn follower. As each of her books came out I was right there in front of the line!

Now we are at Book 6 "Blood Father" in the Blood Curse Series.
There are so many reviews giving you everything about this book.
I can not be one of them. This book is a roller-coaster of emotions of epic proportions. See beginning of review, I wrote that, right after reading this book. If you are looking for a story that will take you in and not let you go till finished the story, this is not this book for you. "Wait,What, Why??" This story stays with you even after you have read it. If you are going to read it till bedtime, you will dream about this book and all the characters. Waving hands in air wildly!!

To bring this review full circle. A Master Story Teller. A different take on Vampires, Hot Males, Strong Women. Plots so amazing that they stay with you long after you finish reading the book. I Highly Recommend this Book, "Blood Father"
5 Stars

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