review of All roads lead home by L.L. Ward

All roads lead home
by L.L. Ward

     Jesse McKlintock is making his way back home.  He has been gone for ten years and is not sure what is drawing him to a place that he was happy to leave behind him.  But he is sure that it is meant to be that he go back to the only place he thinks of as home.  And to be honest, he has run out of places that will take him in.  Along his journey he encounters curious characters and happenings.   He has many dreams and memories of his grandma's teachings and tales spanning over eighty years of his roots in pre-Indian Territory.

Review:  This is a historical western read.   In this book Jesse captured my interest right away.  At first I was confused about the second story woven through Jesse's until I realized that the author was showing me stories from his ancestors past.  Once my mind was following properly I enjoyed both Jesse's journey back home and learning about his family history.   The people he meets along his way gave the story depth and sometimes added mystery as to who or what was helping him make his way home safely.  Once he is home, the author adds new characters for us to embrace or dislike.  I felt like the ride of this story was up and down with many twists and turns.  It will keep you wondering what can come next.  Which is exactly was I was wondering at the end since this is book one in the series.  Okay  L.L. Ward,  I am so ready for more Jesse McKlintock  :)   

4 of 5 stars


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  1. What a wonderful review of All Roads Lead Home, Book One: Getting There, Theresa. Warms this kid's heart to know Jesse's story, along with the other interesting folks intertwined, has caught up your interest and heart as it has mine. I can tell you through writing this series that I've had to read it several times during the different phases. And it intrigues me how every time it evokes laughter, as well as, tears. I'm supposed to know where the story goes, and still, it drags me onto that up and down ride, too.
    Book Two: Rooting There does and writing on Book Three: Missing There is doing the exact same thing.
    I deeply appreciate your thoughtful and well written review. Thank you so very, very much, Theresa, Julie, and all the other reviewers of Julie's Book Review. None better than you folks. :)


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