Meridith Bond Day 3

Character Questionnaire

1. Could you please tell me your full name? And what name you prefer to go by.
My name is Dagonet. Sir Dagonet. Since people started using
surnames, I’ve switched my name to my surname and took on the first
name of my dear friend Arthur. So I’m now known as Sir Arthur
Dagonet. But, please, call me Dagonet.

2. Where and when were you born?
I was born in England too many years ago. I’m afraid I don’t know the
year-- approximately in the year 750, truly, we never thought about
what year it was back then, don’t you know? We were just happy to be
alive, which was not as easy then as it is now.

3. Tell me about your family.
My family… my parents and siblings, do you mean? Well, I was the
eighth child. There were a few after me. None lived for very long, so I
suppose I was the youngest. My father was a baron. A land-holder.
Being the eighth, I didn’t stand to inherit anything, so I was sent to be
raised by a foster family, as was the norm in those days, don’t you
know? Trained to be a knight. Turned out to be a damned fine one, if I
do say so myself. Chosen to be a member of Arthur’s round table and
all that. Fine times. Fine times.

4. Were you happy growing up?
Happy? I suppose so. Rather hard work training to be a knight, don’t
you know. Had to liven things up myself. I loved playing tricks on
people, making jokes. Became rather well known for being a bit of a
jester, I suppose. It’s all right, so long as one doesn’t lose the respect of
one’s peers, you know. I suppose I had to fight all the harder in order
not to do so, but as I said, I was a damned fine knight. So, er, yes. I was

5. Can you tell me about one good memory you have from your childhood or
early life?
Hmmm… that’s a difficult one. I’ve had quite a few wonderful
moments. The day King Arthur chose me to be a member of his round
table. Now that was a fine day! And the day old Merlin called me into
his room and asked me to look after the welfare of the Children of
Avalon. Also a very fine day. Quite proud that he chose me to do that,
don’t you know? Quite proud!
And then, of course, there was the day that the children and I finally
defeated Lady Nimue. That was both a happy and a sad day. <sigh>
We were so relieved to have defeated Lady Nimue and saved the
country from her grip, but at what a cost! What a cost… Er, if you don’t
know the story, you can read it for yourself, you know. Just ask about
for the books on the Children of Avalon. You’ll find them.

6. How about a sad or bad memory?
A sad memory? Er… the day Arthur died, naturally. Terrible loss. The
day Nimue closed off the Isle of Avalon from the rest of the
world—just… well, as you can imagine it was typical of Lady Nimue
taking away from the world something so absolutely vital. I miss Lady
Morgan terribly, still.  Oh, I know, it was ridiculous of me to be so
enamored of someone I could never be close to, but, well, a man can
dream, can’t he?
And then, as I mentioned, the day we defeated Lady Nimue and Scai
and Dylan… well… as I said, you’ll just have to read the story yourself.

7. What do you think is your best quality?
My best quality? Well… er… tenacity, I would say. Yes, definitely
tenacity. And patience. I’ve got enough patience for ten people or
more, I imagine.
I waited about two hundred years for the Children of Avalon to be
born and grow up. And now I’ve been travelling about exploring the
world and searching for a way to get rid of this damned gift Merlin
gave me for the past eight hundred years, haven’t I? Well, I suppose,
I’ve only been searching for a cure for four hundred years. The first
four hundred were quite nice, actually. Enjoyed myself immensely,
trying new things, exploring the world and what-not. Ah, but then I
had to fall in love didn’t I? Not a good thing to do. I would highly
recommend against every doing such a thing.
She died, naturally. I didn’t.

8. What about your worst?
My worse quality would have to be stubbornness.  Goes hand in hand
with tenacity doesn’t it? Just the other side of the same coin. I just
don’t let things go very easily. Still a knight. Still hold true to the same
ideals that were drilled into me as a boy. Won’t give up anything
easily. Takes me a while to come around to a new idea too, don’t you
know? But I try. The world is changing so fast, people are changing. I
try to accept it all.

9. What do you fear most?
Living forever. Not a doubt. That is what I fear most. And it’s bound to
happen unless I can find a way to get rid of this curse, er, gift of
Merlin’s, don’t you know?

10. What is that you want in life?
To die. It’s a terrible thing to say, I know, but after you’ve been alive for over
a thousand years, it’s enough. More than enough, wot, wot. I want nothing
more than to get rid of this blasted gift of Merlin’s and join all those I’ve loved
who have passed on.

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