Winners of The Mega Indie Celabration mega EVENT!!!!

Hello my friends,
Hello fellow book lovers and authors. Thank you so much for making our Indie event such a success. We had over 11,000 vistors. I hope all of the authors get some new readers and I hope you readers find new authors that will continue to bring new stories and adventures for years to come. I want to send out a special Thanks to Suzzanna Ryan who did the picture for the event, Thank You bunches. Also Theresa my helper, friend, fellow reviewer and I couldn't have done this with out her, Thank YOU! This site will continue to bring new authors and reviews to all of you. Thanks for making Julies Book Review such a success! 
The winners of the event are below. Winners I have already notified all the authors via email. They are to contact you with in one wk. If you have not heard anything in one wk please feel free to contact me. You can look below and see what you won. Everyone has 2 wks to notify me of issues from the readers or authors. TONS of WINNERS!!!  TONS of PRIZES!!  Please keep and eye out for our next event.
Julie Ramsey

 Prizes/Authors                        Winners

Melissa Bell $5                        Carrie E. 

Forrest Carr/ ebook                    Valerie D.
Karla Brandenburg/ebook                    Eugene Uttley
Christina Belcher/ 2 ebooks                April Alvery                        
  Lisa Markson

Laverne Thompson/ eb                    Amy Chris
Julie Ramsey/ Ebook                    Surj Harvey
Rhonda Carver $5 go/ Ebook                Olivia Rofritis
                            Amy Bowens

Valerie Douglas $5 go/ ebook                Debbie Watson                     Stephanie Williams

Dana Delmar $5 go/ ebook            Shannon Howard                         Linda Rimor-como

Susan Stoker  $5 go/ ebook                Donna Flint                             Krista   

Scarlet Hunter $5 go/ ebook                Helen Williams                             Kim Geletzke

Michael $5 go/ 2 ebooks                    Diana St. Marie                             Melissa bell                             Keisha Parker

Christine Warner $5 go                    Patches

Gary Starta $5 go/ ebook                    Paula Whipple                             Kristy Petree

Shay West $15 go/ebook                    Theresa                             Leslie Miner
Sally Ember  $5 go                    Tanya Brown
Morgan Kelley $5 go                    bn100 
Morgan Parker $5 go/ebook                Dana Stevenson                             Jennifer Jennings

Lizzie Ashworth $5 go                Christina Princess tatt
Annie Welch $5 go                    Karen Haas
Julie Jordan $10 go/ ebook            Midu Hadi                             Shelly Hammond

Tara Scott & TC Archer $10 go/ 2 ebooks            Dianna Ray                         Rhonda Carver                             Brenda Hyde

Walter Eckland $5 go/ ebook/paper                Deb Pelletier c                          Amber Daulton                               Shannon Hollow

Nickie Asher $5 go/ebook                    Pavart Tyler                          Brenda Hoffman

Elizabeth Loraine $5 gc                    Sherry Haynes

Jennifer Jennings $5 go/book set                Rita Wray                              Sally Fleischman 

Mina Moore $5 go                    Linda Thum

Rob Manary $5 go/18 ebooks                Beth                         Jessica Cassidy                        Ellen westfall

                        Tanya Guthrie                         Janet Guthrie                             Colin Quirke                      Olivia Byrd                          Blair Smyth                         Michael Taylor                          Simon Clark                         Carson Mitchell                         Ashley Clover Ashley                         Pamela Frost                            Clark Heart                          Josh Hoberman                                                                         Anglea                        
Nicky Wells $5gc/ebook                Kathy Osborn                         ChKar Silverwolf

Mara Valderran $5 go/ebook            Onish Ellis                         Tarran Covella   

Heather Boyd  $5 gc                Charlene Capodice Amanda

AR Von $5 gc                    Leti Del Mar

Marsha Moore $5 gc                Lilian Jade

Janette Harjo ebook                Theresa Williams

Beth M Honeycutt $5 go                Tiffany Holiday

Monique McDonell $5gc                Kimbery Sue

Sklar Robbins/Carrie Cross $5gc/ebook        Debbie Brow                         Jan Goodard

Travis Neighbor Ward $5gc/ebook            Jan Guthrie                         Jean Roseton

Joan Coy/Nickie Asher $5gc/ebook            Rita wray                         Brenda Huffman

Lorraine Nelson  ebook                Debra Guyette

Chantel Bellehumeur ebook            Deb Pelletner 


  1. yay! I won too ;) but i am not sure what I won ;)

    1. Looks like one of Rob Manarys books. They should sent it to u by now. Check your spam folder.. if you havent recieved anything please contact me on fb or email.

    2. thank you Julie :-) still waiting :-)

    3. Jessica email me with your authors name u won a prize from and i will contact them. Having some slow reaponses lately. juliesbookreview@gmail.com

    4. email sent Julie :-) thank you so much

  2. Anyone who hasnt recieved their prizes yet please contact me so i can contact the appropiate authors. juliesbookreview@gmail.com


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