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Scarlet Hunter by day works full time as a Director for a TPA (Third Party Administrator) company for Section 125 benefit plans. Residing in the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee, when not working at her full-time job, she is found typing away on her laptop. Scarlet released her first self-publication in February 2013 with Curator's Curse, Book One of Legends of the Immortal Bloods Series. As an avid reader, Scarlet's love of paranormal and fantasy romance, inspired her to pursue her dream of writing. You can visit her at www.scarlethunter.com to find all the great stuff in the works.

1)    Dust of Darkness, Book One, The Reign of Darkness Series

Beyond the depths of the universe, unholy creatures breathed in and out, fire and pain. Recognized and branded by mortal humans as demons of the underworld. Fiends of the fallen angel, Lucifer and primarily known as The Watchers to their prey. Taken from their once mortal human life, and possessed with a demon. A new destiny to exist for centuries with a lifetime tormenting those holy and pure. Lucifer and his fiends sought the most vulnerable of all races, humans. To strip every bit of purity their soul contained and corrupt it from beliefs of right and good, with evil and hate. All would have been going according to Lucifer's plan, if only for one species; Fairies. A race neither human nor spirit; yet beings who held one key element which kept the demons from spreading darkness across the realm of humankind-fairy dust.

Overjoyed by the beginning of the season’s coloration, Raina’s senses abruptly stopped her from continuing. She wasn’t alone. Quickly descending, landing on earth, her wings retracted and she searched for danger. She heard nothing, saw nothing. The woods were quiet, too quiet. Not one chirping bird could be heard. Remaining still, she concentrated and expanded her search when a voice behind her broke the silence.
“Aw, what do we have here?”
She didn’t need to turn around. Raina smelled him too late but knew instantly. A Watcher. Gradually turning to meet the demon’s face, ready to attack, when their eyes met, an electric shock burst through her body. Demons were evil and supposed to be grotesque, weren’t they? Surprisingly, her skin blushed from his striking masculinity radiating from every inch of his build. Heart thumping, rising along with her libido, Raina suddenly found her mouth parched. Clearing her throat, trying to find any saliva to swallow, she couldn’t take her gaze off him. He is the enemy, Raina…nothing more!

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2)    Thirst of the Sea

After refusing the proposal of a jealous and vengeful god, Aretha, goddess of soul is banished to Earth. Cursed with never being able to be touched by a male, human or otherwise. And if that's not enough she's condemned to living as a Pegasus by day, human by night. In order to survive she must fight off human hunters seeking to destroy her. One night she crosses paths with one of the damned and evil. Could he be her savior, or will he lead her into making a decision that will cost her what little she had left?

Alaois, birth born vampire, existing in the hidden caverns off the Sea of Marmara encounters a female the likes of which his kind rarely come in contact. The female triggers something inside he'd never thought possible, thus he could not stay away from her. Discovering she was being hunted by human hunters, he risks everything to save her. Would he be in time or would his actions cost both their lives?

Bolting past thick green branches and tree trunks at a vampire’s supernatural speed, Alaois swatted through the broad and narrow leaves and stems with his hands, determined in clearing any obstacle in his path. Hearing something off in the distance as a twig snapped, causing him to whip around in a flash of a second. His throat closed. MINE!
An exquisite woman stood before him, draped in a platinum gown that outlined every curve of her body. Long strands of pale white hair sparkled like diamonds as they fell in fluid waves past her waistline. Some locks were teased by the winds causing them to cover her succulent breasts.
Alaois growled at their disrespectful placement shielding her perky mounds of flesh straining against the thin fabric. His hands suddenly craved to reach out, remove all that hid the beauty underneath to caress with his palms that which he achingly desired.
With a lustful gaze, his eyes drifted to meet hers and holy fuck; he stared directly into a pair of translucent pearl-like eyes. Every section of his monstrous frame froze as they stared at one another. Every muscle in his body tensed. Trying to find his voice, all the while, his mind screamed inside his head.
MINE…Take her…she is yours…why do you hesitate?
Then his cock, damn it to hell, throbbed violently inside his jeans from its confinement. It pleaded to be released and introduced to her core, as quickly as possible. Swallowing hard, he tried to regain his self-control.
He needed find some kind of inner gallantry, being rusty on the treatment of a beautiful female who shockingly provoked something raw within him. A feeling unusual and most unexpected, for no female in his lifetime had affected him in such a way. “My name is Alaois. What is your—” He suddenly felt unable to continue when a feverish swell of the glands inside his mouth and throat exploded from a much stronger scent coming from her…Blood!
What the fuck? Moving his gaze toward this mouthwatering aroma, Alaois spotted the blood. On the inside of her arm, a large cut bleeding out from its binding. His whole body began to quiver. The bloodlust rose within him to take what flat out invited him over into temptation. Grinding his teeth, Alaois had to hold his breath, for any moment his body and mouth could easily seize this female prey, fully consuming what now seemed to be graciously offered before him.
While she would be nothing but food to others, his instincts told him so, yet all his senses shouted, Mine. Protect!
He raged a battle to hold himself back, fearing he would hurt her. Alaois collapsed on his knees at her feet. He brought his hands up covering his face, shielding his exposed fangs and shouted for her to run. Perceiving her feet moving closer toward him, he did the only thing he could do. Alaois removed his hands from his face, glared up at her locking his pained gaze with her innocent one and bared his fangs. He roared out in a hiss of hunger, “I. SAID. RUN!” 

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Where you can find Scarlet Hunter:

Official Website: http://www.scarlethunter.com/
Twitter: ScarletHunter11
Scarlet Hunter Youtube Channel - Video Trailers: http://www.youtube.com/user/scarlethunter11/videos

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