Review of Hollowland by Amanda Hocking

Hollowland by Amanda Hocking

Remy King will do just about anything to make it across America to find her little brother, Max,
he is the only family member that she has left. And is that includes losing beloved friends, rescuing a
lion, falling in love with a rock star, and killing dozens of zombies. The zombie apocalypse is here, but it’s not as you might expect it. The outbreak was caused by the Lyssa virus genotype 8 that had mutated from rabies, and one of the side effects is uncontrollable hunger to eat everything in sight, including human flesh. Remy is on a journey to find and save her brother, but she doesn’t know where he is. She is being accompanied by a girl that looks up to her (Harlow), a circus lion (Ripley), a former rock star (Lazlo), and an almost doctor (Blue). They set out to find safety and to assist Remy in her mission. Remy reveals that her brother is immune to the Lyssa virus, and worries about what might happen to him because of his immunity. They face hordes of zombies, safe houses, unsafe houses, and help out other survivors along the way.

Going into this book I didn’t know what genre it was or what it was going to be about, and I have
to say that I absolutely loved this book. I have reads several works of Amanda Hocking before, but I think that Hollowland takes the cake. This entire book just sucked me into a black hole filled with the wonders of a zombie apocalypse. The characters were so well written, I loved all their different personalities. Remy is an awesome person, she can kill a zombie with her bare hands and save peoples’ lives. But, she beats herself up when she can’t save everyone. Harlow is hands down the cutest zombie slayer ever. She fights zombies in a cute skirt and combat boots. Lazlo was a famous rock star before the outbreak, and you can see the spoiled kid child come out in his demeanor. Blue was going to medical school before the outbreak. I felt as though he was pushed aside as a minor character, I think his character had some potential.

Overall I thought this was an amazing book. I gave it four out of five stars for the fact that I
didn’t enjoy the way the book ended. I thought a bigger cliff hanger could have been put there. But, I
will definitely be excited to read the next book in the series.

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