Review of The Healer by CJ Anaya

The Healer
The Healer centers around a teenage girl named Hope who was born with a very special ability. She can heal people. However, she can not heal everyone, which makes her frustrated as it would anyone. As she describes it she taps in to the "life force" of the person, which even she has a hard time describing. Luckily she works at the local hospital (as a janitor) but her father is the chief surgeon which gives her an excuse to be there when she isn't working but doing other "work". But on her way home one evening her father calls her back urgently. I little girl she knows was in a car accident and not fairing so well. Hope is able to help her heal but not her father's office aide who was also like a Mother to the young child. But this time when she reached the life force of the woman it spoke to her and told her she is not supposed to live and it's not her fault, just like when she couldn't save her own Mother when she died. This is something that has NEVER happened and has Hope concerned... After speaking with her father she goes to one of her favorite patients, a 10yr old boy named Kirby who has Leukemia and accidentally found out about Hope's gift. She enjoys his company and always tries to help him, even if she can't heal him she can at least help with any discomfort. She expresses that she feels it's not fair.
She struggles with the fact that she can't help someone like him and on her way home she suddenly feels like she's being followed. Lately, she's felt she was being watched but this time she was sure..... Maybe it was the exploding fireball shot at tree or the two tailed cat.
When she talks to her her BFF Angie (who doesn't know about her ability) she begins to think that she did imagine it, just like her Father said after she told him. She tells him just about everything because of their fear that a govt would find her and want to study her or a religious zealot or group would try to take her. The next day at school things become even more strange.

The author captures the feelings of being a teen, but also the feelings Hope has on her gift. She is wise but also vulnerable like any 17yr old girl. The interaction between Hope and Angie is comical and you could even picture the school and other students. She writes descriptively without being boring, keeping your attention and not wanting to put down the book. The twists and turns you wont see coming. I would say my only worry was the ending. I honestly thought it would have a part two, but the epilogue I thinks ends the story, but because it was so quick (almost like the author just wanted to be done) I'm not sure if there will still be a part two. For this reason alone I am only giving 4 stars, because it leaves the reader feeling cheated on a conclusion or not.

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