Sue Lloyd Day 2

About the author:
I'm officially addicted to writing! 

Having relocated from the UK to Germany during the summer of 2015, I started working on a novel that I began to write over fifteen years ago.

I'm an unashamed people watcher and have a fascination with psychology. My passion for both enables me to add meat and bones to the characters who are smart enough to escape the confines of my imagination.

I love to read original fiction and enjoy the sort of book you can curl up with on a rainy day and devour. My primary aim in writing is to draw the reader into the story. I want to take you on a journey you will remember long after you have read the last words.

My recipe for a good book?

Strong characters, a believable plot and an oversized dollop of humour.

Favourite Author - Mo Hayder. Scares the 'you know what' out of me.
Favourite Food - Anything that doesn't run off the plate. 
Favourite Movie - One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.
Likes - Writing, Reading, Travel, Keep Fit, Jelly Beans, Eating Out, Eating In (my partner in crime is a fabulous cook), Gin, Wine, Bourbon.
Hates - Inconsiderate people, War, Tripe - NO, JUST NO!


Delsey Prodigal - Awarded five stars - https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/delsey-prodigal

Cassie's Hope - Awarded five stars - https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/cassies-hope

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July 2016 Update

I've just finished writing The Diary of Harri Foxx. The novel is based in my hometown of Manchester and will be released summer 2016.


Harri Foxx had everything she could wish for in her simple, but perfect world. 
Growing up in Manchester and settling with the love of her life was bliss.
However, life isn’t always kind, is it?
An untimely death and an ‘unspeakable event’ tipped Harri over the edge.
Her mind is now a tangle of mental torture.
Outside just isn’t safe anymore.
It wasn’t always like that.
Can Harri find her way to freedom?
She wants to tell her story in the form of a Diary.
It’s honest, raw, and heartbreaking.
Prepare yourself.

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