Special Feature with Mari Hamill part 2

From the Back Cover

It's not easy living in a small town where everyone knows your high school sweetheart disappeared and your husband died in a boating accident. That's what Catherine Mercy, star of this new novel, faces every time she goes on a date. But the small-town bakery owner is drawn to Greg Byron, a sexy movie star in town to film the story of Wereville's werewolf legend, and gets closer to him when she's cast to replace the female lead who vanishes. Fate steps in, however, and the legend becomes more than just a story. Although Catherine had just about given up on love, Greg makes his way into her heart, despite some deception when they first meet. Just when the two realize their feelings, a wolf bites Greg. Suddenly Greg, Catherine and friend Steve, a werewolf legend buff, must figure out if the town's legend is real. Should that be the case, Greg will turn into a werewolf when the moon becomes full, and someone's destined to die. Catherine must decide if she has the courage to help Greg once and for all, even if it ruins her last chance for true love. In Werewolf Nights, author Mari Hamill blends fantasy, intrigue and passion to create a chilling, unique story.


Catherine Mercy never dreamed of fame or finding love again, but her financial difficulties and her town's prompt her into acting. Acting leads her to the Wolfern Manor, a place her grandmother forbade her to visit, warning that a werewolf awaits Catherine there. As it turns out, she encounters two: Greg, who plays Wolfern in the movie and the real Wolfern, who fixed the casting to lure Catherine into his lair. She's a living replica of her great-aunt, his original bride. But if he finds out she's the wrong woman, Catherine will face certain death like the first actress who was cast on the film. To trick Catherine into his arms, Wolfern possesses her love, Greg, making her doubt at times whether she's with Greg or Wolfern. 
Her nerdy friend Steve, an expert on werewolves, argues that the solution would be to find a way to kill Wolfern, but if she does, Greg could also die, since they're slowly becoming one and the same. To safeguard her life and happiness, Catherine must find a way to separate the the man she loves from the beast she fears, before the next full moon illuminates the dark night allowing Wolfern to empty Greg's body of his soul and taking over forever. For that, she must consult her great-aunt's honeymoon diary, which can provide insight into Wolfern's heart and mind. In the meantime, she must not give in to Greg's advances, for they can result in a child with the curse of the wolf. To complicate matters, the husband she thought dead, Frank, now a werewolf bounty hunter, has been hired to kill Greg/Wolfern during the full moon.
At heart, this story is about overcoming the fear of the unknown and battling the monsters that oppose true love.

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