Bonnie Blue

A Car Ride to Nowhere


Jason Delong is a forty-four year old male escort that has found his niche. He is working for the hottest male escort service in Las Vegas and he caters to women of all ages, but his specialty is women with curves over forty. He enjoys taking them to places they’ve never been before, both literally and figuratively. 

Vanessa Collin is a fifty-one year old mother of one son. Her son has just graduated high school, and now it’s time for Vanessa to check some things off of her bucket list. But she may have bargained for more than she can handle though, because Las Vegas is not only hot in the summer it gets even hotter when she unexpectedly runs into Jason Delong. 

Vanessa is in Vegas to complete the work on a book she is writing about helping entrepreneurs with their home based businesses and Jason might be just what the doctor ordered to get her through her last few chapters, both literally and figuratively. 

Time is slipping by though, because Vanessa has a deadline…and a secret. She has a timetable and once the time is up. That’s all she wrote, both literally and figuratively. She has already made a decision about what she plans to do and all she needs to do is wait for the end of the summer to put the plan into action. That is...unless Jason messes up her plans. 

**Note: This is written for adults over the age of 18. Contains m/f, m/f/m and m/m interactions. 

  A Car Ride to Nowhere


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