Lisa M Caretti Day 4


She was an ancient nuisance. An interfering old bat that they should have dealt with years

Pleased with himself, he attempted to stuff her thick, wrinkled body into a battered trunk
he was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon while exploring the forgotten treasures of her

He considered his next step carefully as he wiped at the sweat that had begun to drip
freely from his brow onto his shirt sleeve and let out an exasperated sigh.

Perhaps if he would have thought this out a little further in advance he might have
devised a more suitable plan, but whatever. The deed was done. He killed her and he would
simply have to deal with it. The others will thank him.

At least now, for once, he could reminisce through his old stomping grounds at his leisure
and not have to worry about her tiresome meddling and unending interfering.

The peace and quiet would be a welcomed luxury.

He sucked in an oppressive, dusty hot breath and held it in for a moment in appreciation
before slowly lowering his eyes back down to the blob at his feet.

She was gone but still within the window of passing that he actually considered playing
the game with her.

For old times’ sake he told himself.

But she was old and nasty with thick yellow toenails, so in the end decided against it. He
had to use his time wisely plus it would hardly be the same without the others.

He tapped his foot loudly on the attic’s bare wooden planks while he plotted.  Her
oversized remains would have to fit in that chest one way or another, even if things got a little

He wondered how much time would pass before anyone would even notice she was

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