Mia Mitns Day 5

Naya's Invasion (Fallen Invasion Series, #2)

#08673 could feel that that all of the members were safe and hidden.  The humans from the
kill were in facilities and placed into machines created by his species.  The wounded humans
were scattered throughout the town.  Naya’s kill lie still where she left him.  She told the others
no one was allowed to touch him.  He was hers. 

The school bell was about to ring in 20 minutes, releasing 181 high school students.  They
had a half day.  #08673 didn’t want the children to see the attack, so he made the call to 911.
“911, what is your emergency?” the woman on the other line said.
“Yes, miss,” #08673 said in a panic.  “Something terrible has happened here in Greele.  I
was just . . .”
“OK sir, can you give us an address?”
“They just . . . they’re just dead or something!  Something attacked!  Please help! Please
“We will sir.  Can you tell me—?”
“Downtown Greele.  The police are dead or gone too!  Please!  I have to go.  I don’t know
what is out there!”
#08673 hung up.  He didn’t worry about the police tracking his “phone.”  He silenced the
signals himself.  After all, he was the phone. 
“Can you believe they have little devices to call?” he said.  “I can’t even remember having
one.  I think my parents said something about these devices when I was small.”
“They are humans Kal,” Naya said.  Kal was part of a name that he said he remembered his
parents calling him when he was little.   #08673 was his name ever since then.  “Let me ask you
something,” Naya continued.
Kal looked at her.
“How do you remember so much?  I barley remember their faces.  It was so long ago.” 
Naya felt an extreme amount of sadness.  More than she felt in years.  They were trained not to
have emotion, but ever since Naya took a step on earth the training started to crumble.
“My parents knew it was coming, so they told me.  They said to remember.”  Kal looked
toward the ground.  “This place— it is doing something to me.  I feel more.  I remember more.”
“Me too.  Maybe that’s why we are invading . . . so we can feel again.”
Kal shook his head and looked out of the window.  “Naya, I don’t think they knew.  They
don’t want us to feel or think.  Just do.”
He looked at her.  She felt his emotions.  He no longer wanted to be one of their best
warriors.  What if what they were doing was wrong?  What if they were sent to the planet to
exterminate and control humans so no other way of life could exist?  So they could control.  The
higher up, that is.

Amazon (digital & paperback): http://goo.gl/GI4duj
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Fallen, Book 1, is free.  Check out the links here: http://mmitns.wix.com/mia-mitns#!books/cnec

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