Lia Davis Excerpt for Divided Loyalties

Divided Loyalties by Lia Davis – Excerpt 

A dull ache throbbed in Christa’s head as she opened her eyes. Where the fuck was she? Taking in her surroundings, she groaned as the realization of what had happened settled into her mind. The Memphis unit of Shield was no more. Well, for the most part anyway. It’d take them months to rebuild.
Why did she care? She finally had her out.
Movement beside her made her sit up and cast a cold stare at the man next to her. Her captor.
Leave one hell and enter another.
She ran a hand through her hair and tried to think and not look at the man next to her. There was something about him, something familiar, yet she’d never met him before. She lifted her gaze to meet the driver’s eyes in the rearview mirror. There was a hint of compassion in the depths. Then again, she could be suffering from shock and the effects of that drug they’d given her to put her out.
She leaned her head against the window and sighed. There was nothing she could do now but play nice—if only for a little while. She had to find the twins and haul ass somewhere.
The setting sun made her realize that she’d been asleep a lot longer than she first expected. Lifting her head from the cool glass, she peered over to the man who had kidnapped her. His eyes were closed as he rested his head against the seat; his black hair was cut short on the sides and slightly longer on top. She let her gaze roam down to his broad shoulders and hard chest covered by a black cotton tee then farther down...
Good God, what the hell was wrong with her? Ogling her kidnapper? She must have hit her head when she passed out.
Forcing her gaze to his face, she asked, “How long have I been out?”
One shoulder lifted in a half shrug. “About two hours, give or take.”
She clenched her jaw together while she patted her pockets. “Where’s my phone?”
“You don’t need it.”
Like hell. She needed to contact the twins soon, or they’d come looking for her. It was the one argument Christa lost with them. They might be only sixteen, but they were wolves and very strong fighters. She’d made sure of the latter. Trained them both herself.
“Where are you taking me?”
Neither man answered. Surprise, surprise.
She guessed she’d find out soon enough. Right before they killed her no doubt.
She pressed her head against the glass again and watched trees, the occasional car, and the asphalt race by. Well, she had asked for an out. She just hoped she live through it to finally have a normal life with Brenna and Bryce.
Her eyes lids felt heavy, and finally she lost the fight to keep them open and submitted to sleep. She’d figure out her escape plan later.
Christa opened her eyes just as the Range Rover pulled to a stop. Sitting up, she pulled on the door handle. Locked. Of course.
Her captor opened his door then grabbed her hand to tug her across the seat. She yanked her hand from his. “I’m capable to getting out by myself.”
His lips twitched before he turned from her to get out of the vehicle. However, he didn’t go far. He waited outside the SUV. She scowled at him as she slid across the backseat. She
hopped out and sidestepped him when he reached out to her. To her relief, he let it go and didn’t touch her.
That only made her suspicious of him. Was he experiencing remorse about holding her prisoner? She hoped he did.
“Where are we?” she asked as she scanned her surroundings. It appeared to be, or at least had been at one time, a town or small community hidden in the mountains. Debris littered the cobblestone streets and overgrown yards where most the houses sat, either burned to the ground or looked as though a very large truck had driven through them. “What happened here?”
“Rogues.” The gruff reply was all she got before he gestured to her to start walking.
“Rogues? As in shifters gone rogue?”
He grunted then said, “You ask too many questions, human.”

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