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 What people are saying about Redemption by Samantha Charles

Amazon Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars
Great read, December 23, 2013
leah k mathis 
Absolutely loved this book, could not put it down. Incredible writing, great story. Definitely
made me want to read more about this small town and everyone in this story. Looking forward to
reading more from Samantha Charles. Would highly recommend this read

Redemption - for all mystery readers, January 17, 2014
By Randall W. Foster 
I thoroughly enjoyed the fast pace, the secrets, the twists, and the Characters. Well done. I
recommend for all mystery readers.

Buckle up..., January 15, 2014
By Brian D. Sawyer
Be sure to be fully buckled in for this fast paced thrill ride of a novel. Each twist and turn seems
to take you deeper into the Appalachians mountains never knowing which ridge, valley or coal
mine the next surprise is going to spring from. A great mix of loyalty, lost faith, betrayal and
never ending spirit of love for true family "bloodline" or not.
Simply put a fantastic book that I want to thank the author for sharing this with the rest of the

Great story!, January 12, 2014
By Jody E
Redemption is a great story that will leave you wanting to know every detail about life in this
small town and just what has brought Lindy back to it. The plot twists just keep coming in this
fast paced story that will have you guessing right up until the last page. Samantha Charles is an
amazing writer who compels you to keep turning each page!!

First rate! My wife and I loved it., January 11, 2014
By Vito
Complex characters within an intricate, mysterious plot all woven inside a part of the country
seldom written about makes for a great read. Charles' "Lindy" is a compelling protagonist who
speaks with experience, humor, and refreshing honesty. Plot twists abound!
Samantha Charles writes with great rhythm, imagination and style. If this is part of a new
series..sign us up!

Fantastic Novel, January 9, 2014
By Laura 
Redemption is a fast paced, gripping, on the edge of your seat type of novel. Samantha Charles
has created a story that is so riveting, you won't want it to end. The many twists and turns are
simply brilliant in this masterpiece.
If you are looking for an unforgettable story that you quite simply can't put down, Redemption
MUST be your next read!!

Like plot twists? Make Redemption your next read., January 1, 2014
By Rebecca S. Sommers
Carve out a little time before you start reading this book. Once dig in, you won't want to put it
down until every stone has been turned--and there are many stones in this isolated Appalachian

This book has everything!, December 27, 2013
By Brandi Heitmann
This book has everything! It usually takes me quite a while (weeks or months) to get through a
book due to losing interest or a lull in the story. Not in this case! I was hooked from the first page
and just couldn't seem to put it down. It's easy to immerse yourself in the characters, the town
and the story. I highly recommend this book. Can't wait to see what else Samantha Charles
comes up with!

Very well-written, February 1, 2014
By Amazon Customer 
I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to more from Samantha Charles. Loved the
descriptive word choice and vivid imagery that brought this original story to life.

Enthralling Mystery, January 30, 2014
By Charlene Leatherman "Adventurous Romance Writer"
Redemption is written with tremendous passion. The main character is struggling with escaping
from some horrible events in her past. Samantha Charles not only writes an intriguing and
captivating story, she makes the characters so believable that the reader feels the sadness, the
pain, the terror, and the anger the characters feel. The mystery was written in such a way that
nothing is given away. The reader is drawn into the goings-on.
I recommend Redemption as an excellent mystery and Samantha Charles as an author to watch.
Keep an eye out for her sequel Salvation. It will be worth the read.

Outstanding read!, February 22, 2014
By dish
Samantha Charles had me from the first chapter. I could not put Redemption down. Each
character in the book is interesting and the fast pace of the story makes for an even more
enjoyable read. I recommend this book to everyone. Parsons Gap is somewhere I want to revisit
with Samantha Charles and learn more.

Buckle up!, February 27, 2014
By B Murphy
A great suspense story. The characters are real and the storyline gripping. Get the book, settle
down and buckle up for a fast ride down a twisty mountain road full of plots twists, character
turns, and edge of your seat suspense. If you know how good an RC and a moon-pie is, this book
will make you feel like you are peeping through a window down home. For the rest of you,
welcome, take your shoes off set a spell, Ms. Charles has quite a story to tell.

Kathryn Svendsen's review
Mar 16, 14
5 of 5 stars
bookshelves: fiction, mystery, suspense, thriller
Read in February, 2014
Redemption starts out as a gentle book about coming home and coming to terms with a life that
turned out differently from the hopes and expectations of youth. Leaving an abusive marital
relationship, the loss of an unborn child and still grieving the loss of a lifelong friend, Lindy
Harrington returns to Parson’s Gap, where she grew up to find herself again. But she found much
more than she bargained for.
While Redemption might start slowly and gently, it quickly takes off in speed and action, rapidly
developing in mystery and suspense. It seems unlikely that it takes a full year to discover that
Sara’s accidental death is not an accident after all, but calculated and premeditated.
The main characters are well-developed and likeable and I even found myself missing Sara right
along with the main characters! I did have some difficulty in coming to terms with the character
of Reverend Carver and his followers though. I thought his parishioners should have been able to
see the disparity between the finances coming into the church and the monies being spent by the
church for the renovations/expansions. Also the open disdain for Lindy expressed by members of
the church seemed wrong to me.
I really liked that the friendships that Lindy had cultivated with others in the community in her
youth had remained strong. I also appreciated the twists the author threw into some of the
relationships in the story were great and really added some interesting dimensions to the plot.
There were a lot of surprises throughout Redemption that made this novel unpredictable and
added to the mystery, making the book that much more entertaining to read.
There was some swearing in this novel, and some romantic attraction too. But none of the
romance was graphic.
I particularly liked Lindy’s character. She is a strong female character. She is a little bit too fast
to react without thinking things through first sometimes though, which can get her into trouble. I
loved the scenes where she was interacting with Luke and Atticus. Lindy came to Parson’s Gap
emotionally broken, with a wall built around her heart to protect it from being hurt. I don’t think
even she realized that she had built that wall.
This was an amazing novel for a first work. Samantha Charles will be an author to watch in the
coming years. I highly recommend Redemption to all readers of suspense and mystery. I gave
this book 5 out of 5 stars. I look forward to her next project!
Thank you to the publisher, Black Rose Writing, who provided a copy of this book in exchange
for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

Industry Professionals Reviews
There's never a dull moment or a lull in the action. Charles makes her characters breathe in the
intensity of their relationships to each other. Redemption is the kind of book that the reader
does not want to put down. Adele Brinkley, editor at With Pen In Hand

 [Redemption is] One hell of a novel. Terese Ramin, author of The Cured and Editorial Director,
Ignite at Entangled Publishing

Samantha grabs readers from the first sentence, then pumps up the powerful action to her final
page. Molli Nickell at Get Published Now
Samantha Charles - Author of Redemption A Parson's Gap Story 
published by Black Rose Writing

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